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Sunday, October 16, 2016 10:00 pm


Millennials don’t realize their responsibilities

Recently, I watched "Meet the Press" on MSNBC and, as a baby boomer, I was appalled at the disrespect shown Tom Brokaw by the young lady who said she represented millennials. I was shocked that she would not allow Brokaw to try to explain to her that The Affordable Care Act is a work in progress. It is something the United States has not attempted in the past and, therefore, we need to keep working to make it run smoothly. This young woman was rude, refused to listen and showed no respect for Brokaw, a well-known and very good senior reporter. 

The young lady also stated that since Sen. Bernie Sanders didn’t get the Democratic nod for president, many millennials will stay home from the polls. Shame on her. Voting is not something you use to complain that you didn’t get your way. It is a responsibility – a responsibility that for years has been fought for by many brave individuals.

There seems to be this idea that most millennials believe they are entitled. Probably this has occurred due to my generation’s feeling guilty for both adults working to make a better life for their children and giving their children everything to make up for their guilt. Wake up, young people. We are a democracy, and we could easily lose that to some other form of government if you keep acting like you know everything and that years of living gives us no knowledge of how things in this world work.

I doubt most young people even know what the Cold War was all about; instead, they were too busy learning how to work their personal phones, sexting, streaming music and all the other things that they can imagine to do with their cyber equipment. How about reading a few history books and find out just what the world is all about? Try using a little respect when someone older than you takes the time to enlighten you on our history. And, finally, vote – it is your responsibility!

Thom Bauer

Fort Wayne

Balanced look welcome

Thank you for your balanced articles comparing our candidates for U.S. senator and Indiana governor. I have been reading them with great interest. I appreciate reading facts, instead of hearing sound bites.

David Reinhard

Columbia City

As we turn from God, evil takes stronger root

"That’s not who we are." I heard those words on the news again the other day, and it made me stop and think. Just who are we anymore, and what have we become? Have we become so thin-skinned and hardened that all we want to do is complain and argue about who did or said what to whom in years past? We have enough to worry about today.

You can’t turn on the news or pick up a newspaper without some sort of violence hitting you in the face. Murder and multiple murders, bank robberies and other robberies, rampant drug use and drug overdoes, riots, arson, rape, sex-traffickings; the list goes on and on.

It’s happening all across the country and around the world. (Not to mention terror attacks and the horror that’s happening in the Mideast.)

It wasn’t too many years ago that Fort Wayne was a safer place in which to live. You never heard of all the crime and lawlessness like there is today. Some, but few and far between.

We can point fingers as to who is to blame or how and why it is happening, but I believe there is only one true answer. We have been turning away from God and we have been turning away from Israel and so God has been turning away from us. Without God, there is only evil.


Fort Wayne

Election letters

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