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Tuesday, October 18, 2016 10:00 pm


Freedom the bedrock of Libertarian philosophy

Everything government gives is taken from someone else. Please remember that.

The best world is made of self-owning individuals, responsible for self and family, who plan their lives to be educated and earning before having children, maintain insurance coverage, live healthy lifestyles, conduct business honestly, attempt to solve their own problems and defend against force and fraud. Among such values, most of our political debates would not happen and few people would be blamelessly incapable of supporting themselves. Those few could be helped by the charities that would easily be funded by this productive population.

This is the Libertarian philosophy. Government today is complex, secretive and often corrupt. The media focus on catchy stories instead of important news – because that is what sells. We get the government and world that we pay for. All Libertarian issue statements stem from this: You have the right to life, freedom and property as long as you respect the same right of others. Please go to for expanded issue statements.

Jeannette Jaquish

Fort Wayne

Get rid of ’em all

Term limits!

From Supreme Court down to town clerk, it’s time to get rid of career politicians.



Airport an overlooked community asset

There have recently been many good articles and conversations about the many amenities Fort Wayne has available. One of the important amenities that sometimes gets overlooked is our wonderful Fort Wayne International Airport.

My wife and I recently traveled to Florida for vacation. We discovered that flying out of Fort Wayne was not only far and away the most convenient option but also the most cost effective. 

We had an early flight, so it was dark when we arrived at the parking lot. But it was very well lit and a shuttle was roaming around to pick up those who needed assistance getting to the terminal (it was free!).

In spite of the fact that our flight was full, it took only about 5 minutes to check our luggage and get our boarding passes. We moved on to security, where we passed through in only 5 minutes (yes, 5 minutes!). The security personnel couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful.

We then spent the time we had expected to spend standing in lines drinking a cup of coffee and reading the paper while waiting on our flight to board.

I can’t remember when we have had such a completely positive experience in an airport. I would add that the facility is beautiful, very well maintained and spotlessly clean.

The management and staff are to be congratulated. They are making our community proud.

In addition to having this wonderful airport available for air travel, it also hosted a world-class air show a few weeks ago that was seen by a reported 80,000 spectators. And, of course, it is also the home of the 122nd Fighter Wing, a major source of community pride.

Fort Wayne International Airport is indeed a wonderful and very important community amenity!


Fort Wayne

The irony of gentrification

Abbey Stombaugh (Oct. 12) wrote a very enlightening commentary, bringing into focus a good question: a downtown revitalized for whom? If the sole criterion for being downtown is property values, then perhaps it might be better to move into the county where the median home value is more than $200,000. Nor did I miss the irony of accusing others of NIMBY while not realizing that was the very point of her article. Low-income housing is already at a premium as gentrification and demolition shrink that market, potentially creating more homeless. If not here, then where?

Bradley W. Lemna

Fort Wayne

Election letters

The deadline to submit letters on the Nov. 8 general election is noon, Oct. 31.