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Monday, November 28, 2016 10:00 pm


City’s taxi options leave much to be desired

About six weeks ago, my car died on Coldwater Road. The engine needs costly repairs. In the meantime, I have been taking Citilink Flexlink bus 21 to run errands in the Dupont/Coldwater corridor. Bus service is scheduled to run every hour but is never on time, perhaps because of traffic. For me, the biggest issue with Citilink Flexlink is that it doesn’t have Saturday service. This makes no sense. Saturday is the busiest shopping day of the week. I think Citilink Flexlink should provide regular Saturday service. And soon.

I also spent more than two hours calling cab companies – total waste of time. Either they didn’t answer the phone, had an on-hold message but never called back, had no cars available, stopped service after 5 p.m. or quoted outrageous rates (they must not be metered). This is the first time I attempted to use a Fort Wayne taxi service. I have ridden cabs in many other cities and never experienced a problem. This includes phoning for cab service or hailing a cab on the street.

I am 80 years old with health issues. Without public transportation, especially cab service, I have no other means of getting to a doctor, a hospital or attending to some other emergency. And, no, I don’t have family or friends who could help me.

If Fort Wayne taxi companies claim to be in business and are presumably licensed, they should act professionally and their cars be metered. The cab industry here needs a major fix to properly accommodate customers. For a city of nearly 260,000, this lack is a disgrace.

Geoffrey Wheeler

Fort Wayne


Celebrate adoptions

Congratulations, Claire Louise, you are now officially an Oren. Thursday, Nov. 17, is a day that you and your now-official parents, Stephanie and Caleb, will never forget. The world should declare a holiday honoring all parents who accept responsibility and adopt children in need of loving, nurturing parents.

Claire’s grandmother, Tammy, said, "She brings so much joy to us." I understand this because through adoption an infant boy came into our lives. This grandson is now 11, a neat young man who could not be loved more. He makes us proud, he makes us laugh and he keeps us moving. He likes working in the shop with his dad, restoring antique engines and building working models of antique tractors. I pray that we give him as much happiness and joy as he gives us.

God bless you, Oren family: Stephanie, Caleb, Sullivan and big sister Claire!

Marlin Culy

New Haven

Election results bring out worst in Democrats

I am in my 93rd year of my life. I served in England, France and Germany in World War II. My wife’s brother was killed in Italy, but I only got a minor injury from enemy action.

I started  school in 1929; it was an odd time to start anything. A friend of mine observed, we didn’t know we were poor.

Franklin Roosevelt was elected in 1932, and he was still president when I was on the Western Front as the war was coming to an end on May 8; he died in April.

I am sure Republicans felt that we were destined to have a one-party system. It took a constitutional amendment to halt the Democrats from eliminating any other party. I observed that it is hard to beat Santa Claus at the polls.

My present concern is the behavior I saw from Hillary Clinton supporters.

Lying down in the streets to halt traffic, setting fires and burning our American flag: Does this represent the present Democratic Party or is this the exclusive realm of Clinton and the American Civil Liberties Union?

I surely didn’t see any such activity by Republicans when they were shut out of the government during the ’30s and ’40s.

If I hadn’t  left the Democratic Party about 10 years ago when it went too far left, I surely would do it now.