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Wednesday, November 30, 2016 10:00 pm


IPFW strife disappoints those with pride in school

So excited, I wanted to pen my congratulations to my alma mater, IPFW, on its incredible win against my degree’s namesake, Indiana University. A victory over the No. 3-ranked Indiana Hoosiers is a feat that even overshadows an appearance at the NIT tournament not too long ago. It will be remembered by those young people in attendance for generations to come.

Then the air was let out of my sails. Why, you ask? Well once again, the IPFW squabble takes front and center in the media. Even last week’s front cover of the Journal Gazette was shared between the epic win of the men’s basketball team and the strife surrounding Chancellor Carwein’s management style.

What is wrong with you people at these two universities that make up IPFW? Now you cannot even let this community enjoy a moment of pride surrounding the campus victory.

As for State Sen. David Long’s comments, I like the man, met him a couple times and he seems to be a complete gentleman. That said, to say Carwein is stuck in the middle is a bit of a stretch. She leads the team that is in direct opposition to the community’s wishes and many of the faculty at IPFW.

Further troubling is Long’s reference to Carwein as a "transition person" who is not expected to continue after 2017 or 2018. So, destroy the brand, raise the infighting to a fever pitch, and leave the campus as a broken former shell of the pride it once had. Nice.

Also troubling are figures released apparently quoting Carwein’s compensation recently. I thought the school was in budget-cut mode. $10,000, $9,500 and $9,000 for performance bonuses and special merit pay seems a bit rich for a campus struggling financially. Sounds like Purdue is paying her off to stay on site until the upheaval is complete.

If Carwein has no plans to stay at the campus, how can you expect morale to improve? Think of the philanthropists who invested the land, scholarships, donations and pride into IPFW only to see it destroyed. Hardly what this community really needs.

When I went there and enrolled in the Doermer School of Business, I was informed by the program chair that "you represent IPFW within the community; wear that distinction with pride." I do, I did, but people, you’re making it difficult to share that pride when adults are fighting over control like little children on the playground.

If Carwein has no plans to stay at the campus long term, she needs to go. Fort Wayne and IPFW should not become an experiment or a feather in her cap on a future resume.

David L. Nichols

Fort Wayne

Protect peaceful protests, not the anti-Trump kind

I’m replying to the letter to the editor regarding the right to peaceful protest ("The right of protest remains fundamental," Nov. 27). Everything she says about rights is correct – in theory. However, she is not dealing with reality. When protests interfere with the rights of others, that’s when a line needs to be drawn.

As protesters have been doing in the election protests against President-elect Trump, they are not "peaceably assembling" or "gathering on street corners" as the writer states.

"Peaceful protesting" does not consist of blocking traffic, destroying property, disrupting other people’s activities, or disobeying the law or police officers. When any of these disturbances occur, they need to be lawfully dispersed. If they don’t comply, they should be arrested.

Dwight Johnson

Fort Wayne

Readers: Send your headlines for 2017

As we near the year’s end, we’re looking ahead to our tradition of sharing headlines we would like to see in 2017. Our 2016 wish to see voter turnout top 70 percent didn’t come to pass, but hope springs eternal.

We’re inviting readers to submit headlines they would like to read in 2017. We’ll select our favorites to share early next year. Send your suggestions to