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Sunday, March 19, 2017 10:00 pm


Getting a customer service person on the line difficult

I am writing today because I am upset over the lack of personal customer service in this day and age. I tried to contact three different companies today and got three different recordings. I was prompted to push several numbers depending on what service I needed but never did get a person to actually speak with; no option was ever given to speak to an operator!

It is terribly frustrating to call someone just to get recording after recording and not once be able to reach an actual representative. So my question is, what ever happened to personal customer service? Do these companies not care about their customers anymore?

I am not the only one who feels this way. Many times I have heard others complain of the very same problem. Since I do not have access to a computer, I feel I have almost no way of contacting anyone anymore. I think if you provide a service, then you should also provide the "person to person" contact so people like myself feel they are validated and can get their questions answered in a timely manner. I sure hope companies will reconsider this and go back to a time when customers were No. 1 and worth the time it takes to talk with them.

Jean Voirol

Fort Wayne

Big infrastructure spending just a new kind of stupid

Recent editorials and letters have exhibited a new kind of stupid that has permeated political discourse in our country. Solar energy, electric cars and road funding supposedly will build the pathway to economic prosperity. Nothing could be further from the truth and reality.

For state and local governments to go into debt to fund these ventures and then give tax abatements for businesses to build locally shifts the burden of paying for these endeavors on local residents and businesses who are currently taxed to the hilt paying for past political transgressions.

There was no bigger boondoggle than Obama’s infrastructure expenditures the first year he got into office that failed to improve any road, bridge or airport but merely paid off union bosses.

No, Tom Henry, the long-term path to progress involves low taxes, less regulation and an economic environment that rewards entrepreneurs for their achievements. It’s the old "which came first, the chicken or the egg." In economics, prosperity will build the roads, not debt piled on already overtaxed citizens and businesses.

Thomas C. Howenstine

Hicksville, Ohio

Food assistance vital for many Fort Wayne families

For the past couple months, many of us in Allen County have been worrying about what is going to happen to the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) with the new administration in place.

As of January, according to, 41,763 of our brothers and sisters in our community receive SNAP benefits, which go to feed their children. These recipients live in low-income areas, and for many, this is how they feed their families. The kids of these families get fed at school for nine months out of the year, but what about the other three months? What will happen to them if SNAP gets cut? I’ll tell you what happens: they don’t eat, and it’s not because of the parents’ lack of trying.

I am calling upon everyone in our community to call Sen. Joe Donnelly, Sen. Todd Young and newly elected Rep. Jim Banks to support this program if it comes under attack this year and every year after that. Feeding our kids is the first step to fill in this divide that our community and nation is feeling, and I invite and urge you to join me in our fight to protect SNAP.

Sarah Leone

Fort Wayne

Story on new citizens slanted

The March 4 article "50 new citizens celebrated at local ceremony; many cite gravity in Trump era" displayed an obvious slant against President Trump’s efforts to curb illegal immigration. Can you please tell me how many of the 50 new citizens immigrated legally? Were any of them "unauthorized immigrants"? I celebrate legal immigrants who gain citizenship and I applaud their efforts to do so. But I also applaud President Trump’s efforts to protect all legal U.S. citizens from the potential perils of individuals illegally entering our country.

James Schmelzer

Fort Wayne