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Saturday, October 15, 2016 10:01 pm

Letters to the editor

Only 35 patriots came out for debate

On Oct. 4, there was a debate sponsored by the Whitley County Patriots in Columbia City featuring the candidates for the open seat in the 3rd Congressional District. Those invited were State Sen. Jim Banks, the Republican, and Pepper Snyder, the Libertarian. Democratic candidate Tommy Schrader was invited but could not be reached and did not attend.

The population of Columbia City is listed as 8,750. The population of Churubusco is listed as 1,796. The population of Whitley County is listed as 33,406. Those in attendance at the debate? 35! Just 35 people attended to listen, ask questions and get a sense of what these two people’s vision is. As I stated during the debate, I applaud anyone willing to step forth and actually endeavor to step into the morass that our Congress has become. It is a foregone conclusion that Banks will be going to Washington, and thank God for that. But for only 35 people to attend is shameful.

We have two candidates running for president who do not deserve such a revered position. Hillary Clinton has so much baggage – can anyone imagine if you or I were applying for a job, and on our resume put we had been under investigation by the FBI? Do you think we would be hired? Not likely. And Donald Trump has managed to insult just about everybody in the country. Tweeting like a teenager in the wee hours of the morning about arcane and nonsensical subjects not pertaining to anything a presidential candidate should be involved in.

Hardcore Democrats will vote for their candidate, hardcore Republicans will vote for their candidate. Common sense has been flushed down the toilet.

Most important for Indiana is the race for the open Senate seat. Evan Bayh thinks he should be given that seat. To him I say, get lost. He and his wife deserted Indiana, and Hoosiers, to accumulate a fortune, and now he thinks we should give back a seat to him to  promote a radical left-wing agenda that will shape the Supreme Court, kill more babies, and deliver more of the same that has put the United States of America in the mess it is in? I say give Todd Young a chance for six years and if he doesn’t deliver, then kick him out, too.

So, to those 35 people who showed up at the Whitley County Patriots-sponsored debate, I say thank you. To those remaining 33,371 who could not spare a few hours to listen, ask questions and interview candidates for the 3rd Congressional District seat, I say: You get what you deserve. Don’t complain about the outcome. Go vote.

Dave Cooper


Nisly’s opponent has only baseless rumors

With all the voter fraud taking place lately in our state, I decided to check my voting status. Luckily, everything is OK for me, but I would strongly encourage Hoosiers to keep an eye on their status as well. Democrats will stop at nothing to win.

I also checked the list of candidates and saw Brian Smith running as a Democrat against Republican Rep. Curt Nisly for House District 22. I find this ironic as Smith worked for David Kolbe in his failed attempt at keeping Nisly from winning the seat. During the race, Smith made several wildly false accusations against Nisly. One such accusation was so childish that it’s inconceivable to understand how someone could behave like that. Accusing Nisly of riding on a float and not walking the entire Nappanee Apple Festival parade, really? Of all the important issues facing us, Smith worried about this? He has proven he cannot be trusted.

I will once again proudly cast my vote for Curt Nisly to make sure to "Free People, Limit Government." Rep. Nisly has done just that – represented well with honor and integrity.

Rhonda Miller


Pence’s support for Trump disgraceful

How could Gov. Mike Pence stoop so low in the dirt and scum as to join and support Donald Trump for president? Doesn’t he have anything better going for him? When religious leaders said that if you vote for Trump you will go to hell, I laughed. But as we get closer to the election, maybe they are right. I don ‘t know if you will go to hell, but if you vote for Trump you definitely are not a true Christian. Pence is a disgrace to his family and to the fine people of Indiana.

Norm Cihak

Wagner, South Dakota

Hubris, not crudity, disqualifier for Trump

The current furor about Donald Trump’s use of obscene, objectionable, insensitive, misogynistic and vulgar language concerning women ignores the fact that such language has come to be commonplace on the big screen. It has even started to invade cable entertainment, and, I suspect, will before long invade broadcast television.

Crudity of expression is no longer exceptional and should no longer be a bar to holding public office.

What should be a bar to public office is the sense of entitlement that Trump displayed in that 2005 recording

His assertion that his celebrity exempted him from obeying the rules of common decency is what one might expect from someone who was born to great wealth, and who subsequently came to believe that his wealth alone was sufficient to exempt him from the rules that apply to almost everyone else.

We have had wealthy presidents before: both Roosevelts, Herbert Hoover, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson come readily to mind. Johnson, in addition to wealth, had a colorful vocabulary. Not one of them, though, demonstrated a belief that he was entitled to high office as a matter of right, or that he was entitled to publicly flout accepted rules of public conduct. In my opinion, Donald Trump’s failure to follow the lead of earlier presidents is sufficient to disqualify him from holding our highest office.

Richard D. Whissen

Fort Wayne

Taxes puts Trump in questionable company

Someone not paying any taxes since 1995 (21 years) is absurd. It puts the tax burden on the poor and the middle class.

Look what happened to a few other people who didn’t pay their taxes: Wesley Snipes, Willie Nelson and Al Capone. I think Donald Trump belongs in jail.


Fort Wayne

Lawful gun owners don’t commit crime

Rusty York, Fort Wayne Public Safety director, was recently asked about three 2016 triple homicides. The director responded, "The victims of these crimes are all involved in illegal activity." He wisely added that you’re less likely to be a victim of crime if you aren’t involved in crime.

He has occasionally expressed his views on firearm restrictions, and he managed to take another swipe at legitimate gun owners when he suggested Fort Wayne’s crime problem was related to insufficient background checks and recordkeeping.

York has served in law enforcement for about 40 years and may know how the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, safeguards Fort Wayne. By law, every firearm purchase made in a gun store or from a dealer at a gun show is highly restricted and must be processed through NICS after the buyer has completed a mandatory federal transfer request.

NICS is available 24 hours a day, and the FBI touts the system as "great for recordkeeping." NICS was first utilized in 1998 and has been through two upgrades, enhancing the thoroughness and quality of its customer service and crime-stopping power. NICS searches three formidable databases, distinct in scope, to verify whether an applicant may take possession of a firearm.

The three resources are criminal history records, individuals with warrants and protective orders, and known prohibited individuals. The last includes fugitives, those with prior gun crimes, substance abusers, illegal immigrants, those with mental defects, those who were dishonorably discharged, those who have renounced citizenship, and domestic violence offenders. None of these are legally authorized to possess a firearm and are immediately refused the transfer.

Crime and criminals, as identified by York himself, are the underlying agitation in Fort Wayne’s increasing murder rate. The city’s legal gun owners are an undergirding and complementary support to police officers and should not be the focus of York’s disoriented efforts to defeat criminals. Criminals don’t legally acquire firearms, and they don’t obey the rules of society. Lawful gun owners and legal purchases are not the problem.

Andy Reum

Fort Wayne