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Tuesday, November 29, 2016 10:00 pm


Give Trump a chance; good changes await

I hear that a few people fear what our new president-elect, Donald Trump, will do when he’s president.

I say, give him a chance.

He will value people from the womb to the grave. Our religious freedom will be protected, so all can practice their faith. Criminals will be kept out of our country, so we will be safe. Trump will work to bring back companies to our country to produce good jobs.

He will work to give us good health care that all can afford. He will appoint good Supreme Court justices who will abide by the Constitution.

There are more good things planned since he wants the best for our country. Our country has been going in the wrong direction: away from God.



Media vital in keeping Trump accountable

The president-elect last week invited senior executives, anchors and correspondents from the major broadcast and cable news outlets to an off-the-record meeting at Trump Tower. People such as Charlie Rose, Wolf Blitzer and Lester Holt came away from the meeting with zero news, just the welts from a tongue-lashing by the president-elect about the ways he believed the news organizations had treated him before and since the election.

The president-elect then accepted an invitation to meet with executives and reporters from the New York Times at the Times’ offices. The reporters used the president-elect’s apparently preferred means of communicating with his constituents – Twitter – as one platform with which to report the meeting and came away with substantive information about his post-election plans, including apparent shifts in his positions on immigration, climate change and investigating Hilary Clinton.

The outcome of each meeting was the result of a difference in the conditions for them. The Times refused to hold the meeting unless it could be reported fully. By most accounts, the Times refused to budge from that condition even when the president-elect threatened to cancel the meeting and falsely accused the newspaper of changing the conditions for the meeting.

The contrast in the outcomes tells us two things: which news organizations are likely to be the most reliable sources of information about the president-elect in the next four years, and the best way to handle a bullying narcissist.

John Gastineau

Fort Wayne

Veteran ashamed of leaders’ racism

As a white Vietnam veteran, I would like to apologize to all my fellow African-American veterans, Hispanic veterans and any other minority veterans for the disgusting act of Donald Trump in appointing a white supremacist (Steve Bannon) as a White House adviser.

I was proud to have fought in Vietnam side by side with minorities for freedom. To have a president-elect do this is a slap in the face for all veterans who fought for this country. This is what happens when you vote for party politics, or just one issue like gun control or abortion, without looking at all issues that face our country.

Again, I apologize to my minority veterans. I’m not too proud of this country right now. May God forgive us.

Mike Grable

Columbia City