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And now today's Winter Olympics Update, in which I risk the wrath of the flag-wavers by injecting a dose of reality into the proceedings ...
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And now for today's Winter Olympics Update, because, really, what else have we got to do in February besides watch attractive women slide big rocks with handles on them across the ice?
And now for the Blob's Winter Olympics Update, because I remembered to do it today:
... or, to be more accurate, "Today's 'Yeah, Suurrre' Moment."
As I said last night here on the Blob, Peyton Manning's legacy probably didn't take much of a hit with the 31-17 loss to New Orleans in Super Bowl XLIV. His reputation might have taken one, however.
It's a rare (and exceptionally volatile) occurrence indeed when two like forces occupy the same space. But that's what we've got going today.
Aaaand we have a winner in the "What Can Several Thousand Sportwriters Do To Keep Themselves Occupied This Week Between Forays To South Beach?"