Study indicates Big Football doesn't increase academic donations
OSU recruit de-commits because of sex offender/fan
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IU, UK won't play next season
Or, football's strange and toxic hold on its players
ND's Rees arrested, jailed
On day NFL punishes bounties, Seau found dead
Tampa Bay signs paralyzed Rutgers star
Didn't take long for entrepreneurs to cash in
Pujols remains punchless for Angels
Stoudemire cuts hand, out vs. Heat
Tells Detroit Free Press he plans on playing at UM in 2013
HS girl brings Tim Tebow to prom .... kinda
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Clippers rally from 27 points down to beat Memphis
Nike rep mocks Rose on Twitter, ignites firestorm
Brits to defend London Games with missile launchers
Penske jockey wins third straight with Indy looming
On Rose, Harnish, other stuff
Introducing Todd McShay, NFL draft nerd
Finally, BCS honchos agree to obvious: A playoff
My takes on this annual snoozefest
Ron-Ron gets seven games for elbow
FIU player will declare for draft after school forbids transfer
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Or, say hello to boxing-chess ... or chess-boxing
Smith bails on Weber State, and it's no problem?
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Feds investigate Loomis for eavesdropping
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On why he finally walked away from baseball
SMU dusts off Larry Brown
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How much time will World Peace get?
RG III's "face of a franchise" quote looks audacious, but isn't
HS coach lets his ace throw 193 pitches
Irony, if it's Metta World Peace
Red Sox celebrate milestone by, yep, losing to Yankees
To Steve Warden, Hall of Famer
NHL socks him with 25 games for Hossa hit
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Details of Bobby Petrino's affair with 25-year-old come out
Quenneville fined $10,000 for speaking the obvious
Former Snider star Replogle, 58, dies
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Summitt steps down at Tennessee
South Carolina coach tells player he can't transfer to NC State
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Making sense at last, NHL suspends Torres
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On the Great 'Bama Breakage
So what will NHL do to Raffi Torres?
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Moyer, 49, notches MLB win
Don't miss the riveting Release of the NFL Schedule
Bo Ryan bans prospective transfer from two entire conferences
Jazz announcer loses mind, ability to speak coherently
Peyton Manning in Broncos gear?
Former Luers star seeking new deal from Cowboys
'Bama's BCS trophy shattered
Yankee fans being boorish? Say it ain't so
Red Sox manager questions Youkilis' commitment
Cardinals' Series rings feature -- yes! -- the Rally Squirrel
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A different look at Castromania
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Wade backtracks on Olympians-should-be-paid take
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Arkansas summarily fires Petrino for coverup
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Ozzie apologizes, is suspended
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Pro-Petrino rally reinforces that winning is everything.
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NCAA investigating Baylor hoops texts, phone calls
Payton's appeal denied by league
He loves Castro! He despises Castro!
It's Phil and a bunch of other guys on Sunday.
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Petrino's crash may be just the first
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Donald nearly disqualified in scoring snafu
Audiotape exposes Williams as unfit for football
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Not eternal, exactly, but for this one day