Will the fall ever end for Lance Armstrong?
Florida cops break up youth football gambling ring
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As NHL lockout drags on, owners are looking sillier and sillier
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On Colts, Bears, Niners, etc.
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Woeful Panthers' fans heckle Afghanistan vet
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Giants sweep Tigers to complete bizarre run
Guess Who is back in the points lead
Indiana in the Rose Bowl? Could still happen
Steps down as head of IndyCar
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Whether he wins or not, Manti Te'o's already a winner
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No clippers allowed for hirsute Giants
Ex-Red Sox skipper trying to blame Ortiz? Really?
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On Suh, Cam Newton, and more
Colts LB would have blasted this guy
Catchings, Fever win WNBA
Keselowski still your Chase leader
Iowa fans "dress up" as Sandusky
Indiana Fever is one win away from the title
At long last, Goodell recuses himself in appeal process
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Nike drops Armstrong, who drops Livestrong
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On Peyton, teams in disarray, more
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Meyer decries defense after giving up 49 to, gasp, Indiana
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Stabbing at 49ers-Giants game gets you thinking
Notre Dame in top five for first time in six years
Fort Wayne's iconic voice on eve of Lester Patrick honor
Izzo goes superhero, and Syracuse goes felonious
Vick owning a dog again is a touchy subject
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Suh accused of sideswiping, berating motorist
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Forget the Ron Powlus prediction. Beano Cook had better lines
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Armstrong attorney denies devastating USADA report
Karras apparently dying of kidney failure
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Sandusky sentenced, claims conspiracy
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On Colts, RG III, Brees, more
Kenseth wins as field wrecks behind him
Colts come from behind to beat Pack for Pagano
News from the world of, yes, cricket
Chiefs O-lineman calls out "sickening" K.C. fans
Or, why college football has it all over NFL
Involving Paul Casey, an eagle putt, and a mutt
Ohio State QB tweets classes are "pointless"
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Study finds Wrigley the filthiest ballpark in the majors
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... go round and round, grinding up Valentine's coaches
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Adam Greenberg finally gets to bat
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Once again, Pirates come through, sort of
According to media guide, IU not yet the ultimate loser
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On return of the refs, Dez, Matty Ice, more
Can't wait for Romney to blame Obama for this
Indiana now the losingest program in Big Ten history
Chuck Pagano reportedly diagnosed with leukemia