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I arrived back from India to a garden I didn't recognize. All the plants were tiny three weeks ago and now they are huge.
Just wanted to let you know what someone with a black thumb has done with a hydrangea.
ACRES invites children ages 6 to 11 to join the adventure on Wednesdays in July.Children will enjoy a morning hike, a different presentation each week, crafts and free play.
Cathie Rowand/ The Journal Gazette
An amazing thing happened this summer. The robins didn't eat the cherries on my Montmorency cherry tree.
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Mailbag! Reader responds to Sunday's “Stumped by uncooperative hydrangea:”
The new plants immediately got a spraying a fungicide to avoid a repeat of the cercospora disaster.
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The tops of the iris stalks that would have had flowers have mysteriously vanished. It looks like someone took pruning shears and cut the stalks. However, this is very unlikely for many reasons.
After a cool, damp summer last year that resulted in cercospora mold devastating our tomato crop, I’m ever vigilant for any sign of trouble with this year’s tomatoes. Maybe my vigilance is bordering on paranoia.
Cathie Rowand/ the Journal Gazette
I spent the night at my parents' home and woke to a banging noise against the window. A male cardinal had started his day attacking his reflection. Unfortunately this type of intruder never goes away, so the cardinal has been attacking the window for the past month.