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"Visitors can sample treats made with herbs from Gene’s gardens, listen to Bluegrass Music, explore local wildlife with Bob Walton and his educational bat and hawk and stroll the 125-acre property including Gene’s formal gardens and the Pat Bolman Heritage Tree Trail."
More than 1,900 specimens of ferns and orchids that grow in Indiana can now be seen and studied online, thanks to an $8,000 grant Butler University received from the Indiana State Library.
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While clipping parsley to put in a stir fry, I found a caterpillar. I knew that it was a butterfly of some sort, but had to study some images on the Internet.
Cathie Rowand/ The Journal Gazette
It is time to celebrate. I ate the first ripe tomatoes this week from my garden. The two tomato plants that made it to the finish line before all the others are Early Girl and Yellow Pear.
Cathie Rowand/ The Journal Gazette
Anyone had any luck with hosta seeds and have any tips?
Cathie Rowand/ The Journal Gazette
I have been taught by my mother that a weed is any plant growing where you don't want it to grow. People spend lots of money to grow beautiful lawns, but if the grass starts growing up between the cracks in the sidewalk, it is a weed.
"Agriculture has an important story to tell both in the role it plays in our state's economy and in the contribution it makes to the landscape and culture of rural Indiana," said Joe Kelsay, Indiana Agriculture Director.
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I saw an oriole a couple mornings ago sipping on some sugar water. I hadn't seen an oriole since coming home. I had been been gone for three weeks.
I just want you to know I have a beautiful blue hydrangea that has blue flowers as long as I give it fertilizer every couple weeks (for acid loving flowers).
Cathie Rowand/ the Journal Gazette
Early this spring I planted some Swiss chard seeds in my vegetable garden. I have never eaten Swiss chard before, but thought it would look pretty in the garden.