To become a certified Indiana Master Naturalist, participants must attend at least eight of the nine class sessions and volunteer an equal number of hours to help educate the community about nature, and help promote, plan, maintain and install natural areas.
Don Orban
The Night Blooming Cereus is a very awkward, gangly plant that may take several years before blooming ... but when it does it is worth the wait.
Leeann Atkinson
I have a plant that is absolutely beautiful and keeps growing and growing ...
Tom Lauer
My Christmas cactus sits outside all summer soaking up the sun. I bring it in the night of the first frost and it blooms about three weeks later. A Halloween, Thanksgiving cactus.
Lisa Berger lives in Fort Wayne.
Lisa Berger lives in Fort Wayne.
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Send in the single best photo of your favorite plant to We're Digging It, a blog for gardeners and others who love plants.
Cathie Rowand / The Journal Gazette
Today I have picked the last of the Swiss chard to stir fry with some other vegetables for dinner.
Shawna Meglich
Ron Johnson
West of the waterfalls ...
Ronda Russell
Letty Alvarez