I had laundry baskets stacked on the bed and towels covering the freshly laundered sheets. There was no way Denali was going to get on our bed while my husband and I went to breakfast. No way. I had finally outsmarted him.
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As GroundFrog Day approaches, children hand feed him earthworms as if he were royalty being served peeled grapes.
She is playful, very affectionate and loves to bellow out her favorite songs while following her nose in a fenced-in backyard.
She is a shy and gentle lap cat who loves to have her belly rubbed.
Charlie and Annie greet people with big smiles and lots of kisses.
I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like, but I’ve met plenty of dogs I’d rather not meet again.
In his spare time; Tucker loves chewing bones, car rides (or anywhere his mom goes) and sleeping under the covers at night because he gets cold.
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They came in crowded trucks and left by flipper: Hundreds of endangered sea turtles are being released back into the Atlantic Ocean now that Florida's weather has warmed enough.
Check out raw video of the rescue effort.
She is sweet and loves to eat, as you can see!
Denali ate the other dog's food, then apparently had cheese .. and bread ... and crackers ... and more cheese for dessert.
It was as if Izzy was making a plea for someone to go out and scrape the ice off for her.
For three days, Penny scratched, licked and bit at the wall. Ah, terriers.
My husband and I brought the two of them into our home to care for since their mother died when they were only about a week or so old. I have been their mommy ever since and they know that.
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“We want pet owners to be prepared when their pets need them to be," said spokesperson Peggy Bender.
I sequestered him in the bathroom while I hid dry food for him to find.
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Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control offers these winter cautions for pet owners:
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I found blood dots on the carpet and assumed the worst -- that my dogs had fought. Turns out, Darcy had hurt her paw while playing!
Neuter for a Nickel offers Allen County residents the opportunity to schedule male cat neuter surgeries for up to seven male cats per household for just five cents per cat.
Bella beat out Max as the top dog name, but cats took up the slack.
The husky plan: 5 miles in 5-degree weather.