Allen County SPCA
Her favorite things to do are playing fetch in a fenced in backyard and curling up with you to watch TV.
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All of the cool kids are wearing stripes this year.
Black Pine Animal Sanctuary will host a dedication ceremony for a large animal clinic at the refuge at noon Sunday.
Swikar Patel / The Journal Gazet
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As I moved around the dining room table, I spotted something from the corner of my eye. Something you never want to see much less see before your first cup of coffee. Let's just say that it was a good thing I saw it and didn't step in it.
Allen County SPCA
She enjoys chasing jingly balls around, sneaking a snack and her favorite thing … taking a nap with you.
Allen County SPCA
If you like excitement and fun, Vegas is the kitten for you.
Her music is the cat equivalent of rap, an art form I have yet to learn to love.
He used some cedar wood in the garage to put together a very large ramp that actually is the full width of the queen-size bed and then has a little area that wraps around the bedpost so Keyser can walk directly onto the bed.
Cute video alert: Husky boy Denali beats the heat with a Popsicle.
Allen County SPCA
He loves to learn new things, try all kinds of snacks, and his favorite thing is to snuggle up.
Our morning walk ended up with a morning carry.
I have a perfectly good reason why I don’t make my bed in the morning.
Best friends ... most of the time!
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They look cute most of the time, but apparently all bets are off when you have possession of the watermelon.
David Brandon
Melanie Blissett
He attracts a lot of attention when out in public.
Barb Meadows
She brings joy to all who come in contact with her as she is always wanting to play, take a walk or fetch her ball.
John Raub
Despite her barn cat background, she is very friendly.