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All participants must register and collect pledges of $33 total per individual walker or $120 total per family to walk.
A big woof goes out to police dogs Hugo, Buddy, Pako and their buddies in blue.
I expected some serious changes in my life when I married my husband Ehren nearly four years ago. What I didn’t expect is that he would steal one of my cats.
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Several downtown Fort Wayne churches are co-hosting a Blessing of the Animals on Saturday.
It’s something I’ve always feared would happen. Something in the back of my head that I knew would happen someday. For more than a year, though, it hadn’t. Until Wednesday.
Guinness World Records for 2011
Four and a half inches of tongue is just waiting to kiss you if you ever get to meet Puggy, a 10-year-old Pekingese.
Was he walking his girlfriend's dog? Was he afraid of bigger dogs? Does he just like pretty little things?
I got a new roommate Monday, and already I've caught him snooping through my stuff, eating my lunch and spying on me in the shower.
I apologized for the ruined lunches and when I came in later that day to pick my four-legged spotted bundle of fur I brought a pizza along to make up for his misbehavior.
Deeana Tyler
Bird watching brings me great joy, and sharing my pictures does too.
Edward enjoys chasing his toys around the house, snacking on tuna and, at the end of the day, curling up next to you to watch your favorite shows.
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It sure looks like a panda, but the dyed poodle doesn't bark like one. To see video of sleepy (and real) panda babies, open this post.
Duvets and tubs of butter, oh my!
A friend of mine showed me this how-to for big cats with a ‘big problem.’
Sometimes our cats are like little brothers. You love them, you really do. But they can be frustrating.
I was prepared for a horrible story of cat and mouse, or Mark and Denali, as my husband began to relay the tale of how our little pup escaped from the house.