How do you stay organized?
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Lara Neel
This week's installment is a super-quick show with a fun wash/dish/anycloth.
This week, Joyce has ankle bracelets on her mind while Lara shares a dish/wash/anycloth pattern that starts small.
Guest columnist Kimberly Dupps Truesdell talked about easy ways to decorate a cake, but there's a company out there making things even easier.
Actually, they are reasons to make someone who makes fun of your knitting to read it. But you should, too.
There are 1,000 reasons you should read The Lacuna, and this is only one of them.
A peek at the Crafty Calendar.
Lara Neel
This week's show features a cheat sheet for substituting yarns and includes a conversation with Jodie Gordon Lucas.
Kimberly Dupps Truesdell | The Journal Gazette
This week, Lara shares a re-worked sock and Joyce a bag made for a teenager's summer.
Parents magazine wants to hear from parents who craft with their kids
I free-associated a bit the other day about my favorite color.
For a look at all the events, please see the Crafty Living calendar on
Lara Neel
This show is all about getting the word out for a good cause.
This week, we share a hope ribbon bracelet and a washcloth pattern.
Sometimes a yarn purchase can be good for more than just your stash.
Michaels stores offer some opportunities for kids to make crafty gifts for Dad this Father's Day
Lara Neel
This couldn't be easier, really.
A peek at this week's crafty calendar.
Lara Neel
A not-square dish/wash/anycloth and a conversation with Joan McGowan-Michael.
Photos by Swikar Patel | The Journal Gazette
This week's photo Friday features two previews for Sunday. Lara Neel shares her kite-shaped dish/wash/anycloth and Joyce McCartney starts out with a photo of jewelry made by a Northrop High School student.
Are there any events in the Fort Wayne area?
Lara Neel
It turns out that too-small socks work pretty well as compact camera bags.
Lara Neel
It's not really what you might think.
A peek at this week's crafty calendar.