Excuse me if I shed no tears for Thomas J. Ackmann (June 2) who has chosen to remain uninsured and is somehow blaming his own irresponsibility on Obamacare. Yes, insurance is expensive.
The Supreme Court is composed of six Catholic members (five men and one woman) and three Jewish members (two women and one man). There are no Protestant members. Does this surprise you?
On July 7, the Tips From Former Smokers campaign from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began again across the country. The campaign profiles people who live with serious long-term health effects from smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.

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  • Long resists facing critics of convention
    With all due respect, I must take exception to Sen. David Long's influence-peddling investment of time and taxpayer money in entertaining his cronies who huddled together in the Indiana Statehouse June 12 and 13 to consider various aspects of what is commonly known now as the Article V Constitutional Convention.
  • Brookview resident OK with State plans
    As a longtime resident of the Brookview neighborhood, I feel proud and lucky to reside in this historic neighborhood. I also am a supporter of the city's plan to widen and improve West State Boulevard.
  • Cheers & jeers
    CHEERS to everyone who “Bowled for Brittany” at the event a couple of Saturdays ago. Britt truly was surprised as her friends and family packed Thunderbowl Lanes. Some lanes had three and four teams. I’ve never seen so much love and friendship and support as Britt received.