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"Jason loved his job. It was part of who he was – helping the community, helping the state."
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"The lottery for middle and high school transfer applications was originally set for Friday, March 2, but technology upgrades have delayed the processing of the applications."
"Attorneys from the State Public Defender's office will represent, at no charge, people who are still imprisoned, if those individuals cannot afford to pay for representation by an attorney."
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"You’re reminding us that no matter how tough times get, Americans are tougher."
Written report received Tuesday morning from the Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance:
"This single gender academy is responding to the research, showing how boys learn and develop differently than girls."
An unvaccinated individual visited a nation where measles is endemic.
"The dedication of this stretch of SR 14 will ensure that Jason’s sacrifice will never be forgotten."
“From his wondrous catalog of songs to his tremendous stage presence, it all adds up to a magical night.”
"High school students can be accepted early into a fully accredited BSN program, and will receive personalized academic advising."
A written report from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources: (Rochester) Conservation Officers investigated an off-road vehicle accident that occurred in Fulton County on February 22nd during the early evening hours.
Indiana State Police
"I was merely attempting to express my reasons for not signing the House Resolution honoring the Girl Scouts and challenging my colleagues to think about the issue."
Nine northeast Indiana schools are among those recognized by the Indiana Department of Education.
The U.S. Postal Service says it will close eight mail processing operations in Indiana unless Congress enacts an alternative cost-cutting plan before May 15.
"Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Director Al Moll was joined by representatives from Sweetwater Sound, Visit Fort Wayne, and corporate and media sponsors as he announced “A Summer to Remember,” the 2012 summer concert line-up at Foellinger Theatre."
"American Heritage Girls was founded in 1995 in West Chester, Ohio by a group of parents wanting a wholesome program for their daughters."
“It was disappointing to read Rep. Morris' inflammatory, misleading, woefully inaccurate and harmful words about Planned Parenthood, the Girl Scouts of America, and the President and First Lady."
“We join with our friends in Northwest Indiana in mourning the loss of Katie Hall, Indiana’s first African-American member of Congress.
From a written report received Tuesday morning: OSSIAN, Ind. (Feb. 21, 2012) - Haven Manufacturing Indiana, Inc., a manufacturer of orthopedic instruments, industrial parts and special tooling, announced today that it will grow its operations here, creating up to 70 new jobs by 2014.
Update: “I realize now that my words were emotional, reactionary and inflammatory,” he wrote on Thursday. “For that I sincerely apologize … I certainly should not have painted the entire Girl Scouts organization with such a wide brush.”
"Adding the new building will enable us to expand and refine our current capabilities."
"These studies are costly for rural communities, but the state will continue to support communities that have a vision for improving the quality of life for Hoosiers."
"The groundbreaking ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. on Friday, February 24 at 6600 Covington Road in Fort Wayne."
Chief of Police Russell P. York and staff, city officials, family members and friends will be present to recognize the following promotions and department assignments:
Due to bank and federal government observance of Presidents’ Day, unemployment insurance benefits will not be posted on debit cards on Monday.
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“The 2011 Business Dynamics report includes details on job gains (and losses) and investments made by individual companies and key industry groups at a level of detail not available from most data sources."
The 36 credit-hour program will introduce students to the rehabilitation field by teaching counseling and rehabilitation theories, applied counseling approaches and clinical skills.
The blaze displaced a single mother and her four children.
"All individuals who think they may have been exposed are encouraged to check their immunization status with their health care provider."
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"Often criminals will play the part of a flattering love match, but after a few weeks of talking online they ask for money to help with a financial emergency."
"While AARP supports efforts to reduce health care costs, we oppose proposals that would either shift costs to seniors or simply reduce the hard-earned Medicare benefits that millions of seniors depend upon every day for their health security."
“I’m confident Tristan Vance will continue fostering success in this high-potential sector of our economy.”
“We hope to work with the Administration to guarantee that Americans’ consciences and our religious freedom are not harmed by these regulations.”
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"Under the rule, women will still have access to free preventive care that includes contraceptive services – no matter where they work."
"Under the new policy to be announced today, women will have free preventive care that includes contraceptive services no matter where she works."
"In the days since I filed my petition to seek the Democratic nomination for Indiana's Third District Congressional seat,I have re-assessed my capacity to engage in the immense work necessary in such a campaign."
“He’s a true partner in our mission to make Fort Wayne’s park system the best it can be.”
The Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission named seven candidates.
"EWTN is the first Catholic organization to file suit since the final HHS rules were published by the Obama administration on January 20, 2012."
"This action by HHS will have the effect of forcing many religious organizations to choose between following the letter of the law and operating within the framework of their religious tenets."
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The City of Fort Wayne issued this news release Tuesday afternoon:
This free jobs event is for veterans, active military members and their families.
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"As negotiations with the Airport reached its conclusion, FWCS received notice that a charter school was interested in the property."
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"While the general public may not consider Indiana a hot zone for earthquakes, Fort Wayne residents have felt tremors in recent years."
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"In an effort to answer questions from customers about the proposed increase in the cost of drinking water, Fort Wayne City Utilities officials will present information and answer questions at several venues in the next few weeks."
"The 122nd Fighter Wing is essential to the Indiana National Guard and any cuts would have a deep impact on Northeast Indiana."
"Last year alone, PPIN provided more than 14,000 breast exams and thousands of referrals for additional care and testing across the state."
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"We have been distressed at the presumption that the changes made to our funding criteria were done for political reasons or to specifically penalize Planned Parenthood. They were not."
arkview officials today announced additional space will be built out in two areas of Parkview Regional Medical Center.
OrthoWorx issued this statement today:
"We cannot and we will not comply with this unjust federal order."
“We’ve made significant progress in spreading the message that heart disease is the number one killer of women, but there’s still plenty of work to do."
"By signing the bill into law, Daniels broke a promise to his constituents."
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Governor signs right-to-work law.
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"The 122d Fighter Wing is an integral part of the Indiana National Guard. We plan to use every resource available to ensure we keep it that way."
“With the passage of right-to-work, Indiana has further distinguished itself from neighboring states and given companies another big reason to bring their business and jobs here – and not there."
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File / Th Journal Gazette
"Both organizations will work closely together to raise awareness and implement programs designed to create a healthier community."
From a written statement released Wednesday morning by the Traffic Engineering Department: Please be advised west bound traffic on W. Jefferson Blvd. will be reduced to one lane west of Engle Road.
From a statement received Wednesday morning from the Indiana State Police: Sgt. Tony Knox of the Indiana State Police has released statistics from the K-9 program for 2011. There are presently 28 full service K-9 teams statewide.
"The goal is to celebrate completion of the trail, park and wetland projects in 2016."
“The funding announced today will help support the President's vision by providing our rural communities with resources to support small businesses, improve public facilities, and create new, sustainable jobs."
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"For the FWCS Class of 2011, the graduation rate was 88.1 percent, higher than the state average of 85.7 percent and an increase from 2010 when the FWCS graduation rate was 85.5 percent."