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I've had a chance now to put down eight hours of sleep between the death of 13-year-old motorcycle racer Peter Lenz and what I think about it. And what I think hasn't changed.
And now, in honor of football ramping up in earnest ...
Remember two months ago, when Stephen Strasburg struck out 14 in his major-league debut and everyone was oohing and ahhing about his flawless mechanics and easy motion?
There has always been a sense of both occasion and impending doom at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, as one might expect at a facility that has seen 67 people die in its 101 years of existence.
Today's absolutely true news item:
The last thing Tiger Woods needs to do is give us no more of himself than he did this week in addressing the finalization of his divorce.
... and it also comes from the SEC, where if you say, "People here are crazy about football," you're apparently not speaking rhetorically.
Congratulations, Dan Storrs. You are Da Man.