Say hello to your 2010 Tour de France cheater, er, winner, who's been suspended for failing a drug test during the event, but says it was because he ate some bad meat.
God bless Phil Mickelson. In a world gone mad (or at least a world where every innocuous comment gets turned into a Rant or a Controversy or a Simmering Feud), at last someone out there is still willing to inject a rational thought once in awhile.
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Sad and somewhat puzzling news out of San Diego yesterday, where the Padres announced they were not renewing the contract of 2010 TinCaps manager Jose Flores.
So who was the guy on the Packers sideline last night who said, "Hey, I've got an idea! Let's kick to Devin Hester!"?
Who was the guy in Buffalo who said, "Hey, I've got an idea! Let's waive the guy we decided three weeks ago was the quarterback who gave us the best chance to win!"?
Who was the guy at Notre Dame who said, "Hey, I know how we can return to national prominence in football! Let's play Wake Forest!"?
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So Jets coach Rex Ryan says he's tired of dealing with issues such as Braylon Edwards' early-morning DUI arrest?
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Awful news out of Denver, where Broncos' wide receiver Kenny McKinley -- on injured reserve after injuring his left knee for the second time in a year -- was found dead in his home Monday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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It's a Blob article of faith that nothing beats a good mascot throwdown.
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1. Only 14 weeks left now for the Colts to catch the Super Bowl-bound Houston Texans. ... Time to panic.
Profound apologies to Urban "Crime" Meyer. Turns out I was wrong about the 27 arrests on his watch at Florida.
If you're going to characterize the Chase as your playoffs, as NASCAR does, then treat it like other sports treat the playoffs.
Because occasionally your national team turns out not to be your national team.
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Still haven't heard enough about the Calvin Johnson abomination or the travails of the Hapless Indianapolis Colts?
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Having caught her act live at the Super Bowl media day in 2007, I have to say that the locker room is only place she doesn't try to be "provocative" and the "focus of attention."
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... Calvin Johnson caught a touchdown pass with 27 seconds to play and the Lions shocked the Bears in Chicago, 21-19.
And now, because a man can never have too much ridicule in his life ... here are my NFL picks in all the relevant categories, and some that bear no resemblance whatsoever to relevance:
So Ron Artest, the Sanest Man In America, was pulled over by the cops for driving an Indy-style car on the streets of L.A. Still not as goofy as this (jump to the 4:17 mark).