A little insight into Andrew Luck
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Fifteen years too late, the class hoops debate comes backl
Magic and Co. make undeserving McCourt a winner
Could Kentucky beat the worst NBA team?
Ohio's John Groce reportedly new Illinois coach
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UK, UL fans get into scuffle, and you'll never guess where
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Saints seeking Parcells' help
And now introducing ... Minor League Guy!
Stevens latest to turn down Illini
Even if I hated it at first
New York Times features Anderson landmark
But don't fit him for the green jacket just yet
Congressman and Carolina fan goes oops
Helio wins, then honors Wheldon
Heat don hoodies to honor dead teen
Getting in the mood, Valentine snipes at Yankees
Wisconsin just misses, Michigan State just .... misses
VCU coach turns down Illinois
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Gooden lays the wood to Saints' staff
Broncos trade Tebow to .... Jets
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Broncos hand Manning gargantuan deal
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An intriguing possibility for a landing spot
Illinois goes after the logical choice
Purdue fans getting some of both tonight
Haney book portrays Tiger Woods as "cold."
S.F. makes big push for Peyton
In Sweet Sixteen for first time since 2002
Two 15s over 2s? A 13 over a 4? Really?
Love Murray State's .... sense of style
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Marshall involved in fight days before Bears trade for him
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"First-round" games, my eye
Wayne reportedly re-ups with Colts
Obama's Final Four almost the same as the Blob's
Well, if you had the Cuse, that is
On the advisability of hiring Christian Laetttner
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NFL docks Cowboys, Redskins salary cap space
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Or, I hate my national champ pick
Report says Broncos will trade Tebow if Manning comes
Looks like either Denver, Arizona for Peyton Manning
Ohio State pulls away late to win big
Colts commence fire sale by cutting Clark, Addai, Brackett
Badgers benchwarmer knocks out Hoosiers with 30 points
Rains threes to lead IU by five
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Or, a few thoughts on what uniforms fit Peyton Manning best
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A dozen teams contact Peyton Manning
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Saints' coach, GM apologize for bounties
One game, two court-stormings
Colts, Manning parting ways right thing to do, but still a shock
Detergent cashes in on Daytona mess
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Or, "Trying to be outraged about it, but failing"
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But with a troubling caveat
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Maybe it really is a new day in Pittsburgh
Clandestine video of him throwing surfaces
Eifert, ND in hot water for .... what, exactly?
Andretti says IndyCar better off without Danica
Anchor suspended for saying she's a word that "starts with a B and it's not 'beautiful.'"
Orthodox Jewish school has to sue to get game time changed