I've been chewing on this Derek Patrosso situation all night. If you're just joining us, he signed to play in Scotland for the Braehead Clan and then signed today to play for the Komets.
As we anxiously await news from the IHL-Central Hockey League coalition, which hasn't told us things like length of schedule, conference alignment, roster rules, salary cap, and so on, Komets president Michael Franke asked for further patience.
In light of all these teams (Muskegon, Flint, Corpus Christi, etc.) going from the professional ranks to juniors, I thought there were some telling things that came out of the NHL draft.
Al Sims denied today he might be one of the candidates for the vacant head coaching position for the Florida Everblades of the ECHL.
The Frankes weren't the only ones out there propping up the IHL, and they maybe weren't even the principal parties doing so.
Multiple sources have told me there will be an announcement coming out of both the IHL and Central Hockey League offices later today, regarding the impending relationship between the two leagues.
Still nothing official to report at this time, but I keep hearing information that leads me to believe this will not be a full-on merger between the IHL and Central Hockey League.