Bob Smith
Here is a part of our gardens, out beside the driveway to the barn. It is edged , but we have allowed milkweeds to grow (the blossoms are removed after we smell them, before the seeds mature to be blown away).
Tracy Bellavance
I garden because digging in the dirt is good for the mind.
Don Orban
Perennial Prickly Pear cactus that blooms in early June.
Jane Habig
I have been in this house for 13 years; the trees are now getting to be a good size and the roses did well this year.
Photo by Don Orban
Sandra Zozulia lives in the Lafayette Place neighborhood on the south side of Fort Wayne.
Judy Johnson
I like to plant impatiens each year because they continuously bloom all summer long and are loaded with flowers.
Nancy Thrush
Nancy Thrush lives in Columbia City.
Robert D. Anderson
Robert D. Anderson lives in LaGrange.
Patricia A. Anderson
Patricia A. Anderson lives in LaGrange.
Cathie Rowand/ The Journal Gazette
I have been waiting for this creature to show up in my garden this summer. I had one last summer that ate half of my tomato plant.
Kathy Dawson
God has blessed me more than I could imagine by allowing me to take care of His creations!
Marilyn K. Byrne
I consider this to be my oasis in the woods – anything planted in the ground gets consumed by the deer or rabbits.
Dee Smith
Wendell and his drinking fountain are the focal point of our perennial garden.
Lissa Appelgren
Lissa Appelgren lives in northeast Fort Wayne.
Janet Mikul Collins
I'm not much of a gardener, but I do like wildlife, so I grew a little butterfly garden this year. It worked!
George Csadenyi
George Csadenyi lives in southwest Fort Wayne.
Alan Daugherty
Angelkeep is heavily perennial but seems to change on its own each year, since its beginning in 1999.
Linda Eviston
My corn crib gazebo is a work in progress, but is a very pleasant place to sit and read with the plantings providing color and creating space and enclosure.
Diane Newby
Produce from our raised bed garden, which we planted on May 5th. So far we've picked more than 75 pounds of green beans.
Stan Newby
This year we constructed this flower bed with a dry creek bed, boat planter and assorted annuals to give an aquatic feeling at our home on Lake George.
Brenda Mossbarger
Julie Boyd
The butterfly sat on the bush for almost 17 minutes according to the time posted on my camera.
Terry Isley
I added mostly red flowers to an area I was already using as a bird feeding area.
Joan and George Shamp
This is our first attempt at raised beds – we hope to put in several more next year because they have done really well.
Tanya Whitaker
I love gardening for wildlife and this is what the garden was devoted for: Wild creatures.
Lorraine Schaefe
Neighbors stop, men have stopped and asked permission to take pictures and many have come to see my thyme patch.
Juanita Robinett
I saw a shaft of sunlight filtering through a maple tree by my deck, highlighting this beautiful begonia.
Sunnie Heddon
It took more than three months to finish, but now it's so relaxing to sit in the evening and enjoy the beauty.
Pamela S. Barrett
The hours spent planning, planting, pruning, watering, pampering and care are not only worthwhile and fun but bring the results of beauty and hours of enjoyment that are delightful.
Connie Csadenyi
Connie Csadenyi lives in southwest Fort Wayne.
Korey A. Kord
This photo was taken at my home this last spring.
Karen Morris
Each of my flower beds is a bit different – I try to mix colors as well as foliage and texture too.
Ted King
Attached is a picture looking up the water feature stream in our backyard.
Mert Mullins
In the evening the crickets, locusts and frogs call to one another. It’s a wonderful place to just “sit a spell.”
Steve Gustafson
Steve Gustafson lives in Fort Wayne.
David Showalter
One of the many daisies from our daisy garden on Lake George.
Joan E. Huber
Yellow swallowtail butterfly on butterfly bush bloom.
Pat Thomson
I prioritize foliage interest over flower power and it never fails me ... even now, my garden's looking pretty good.
Jean Welker
This is where I have my breakfast every morning in the summertime.
Stu Bloom
Sonja Sodano
The beautiful hostas come up every year, and every spring I just fill in with annual flowering plants.
CathieRowand/ The Jouranl Gazette
Last spring I ordered a couple of Dwarf Tophat Blueberry bushes. They are meant for container growing, but I planted them in the front corner of my house after the completion of a foundation restoration project. They didn't do so well despite a rainy early summer and some watering later on.
Cathie Rowand / The Journal Gazette
The cilantro I grew from last summer's harvest of seeds didn't have much foliage and went straight to seed. I had hoped for some leaves to add to this summer's salsa.
Cathie Rowand/ The Journal Gazette
I started to raise a couple of black swallowtail butterflies that I found on the parsley in my garden inside, but decided to release them back to my parsley patch. When I put them back on the plants, I found two more caterpillars.