Cathie Rowand/ The Journal Gazette
There are a lot of new community gardens around town this summer. The city's Food for the Fort is using vacant private land for garden use. Urban land that has been vacated and stands empty are becoming sources of beauty and food for area residents.
Cathie Rowand/The Journal Gazette
A bat entered my home for a late-night visit. Was it Betty the bat who visited me a couple winters ago?
Cathie Rowand/ The Journal Gazette
I am trying to grow a couple Anjou pears espalier on the back side of my house that faces south. Espalier is a way to grow fruit trees in a limited amount of space by training the trees to grow only in two dimensions.
Cathie Rowand/The Journal Gazette
This morning while eating breakfast, I spotted three Baltimore orioles, a ruby-throated hummingbird and a black-capped chickadee having breakfast too.
"The goal is a simple but important one, to connect kids with nature."
Cathie Rowand / The Journal Gazette
Somehow I thought that the beetles were hanging out in my purple cone flowers and if I transplanted these flowers from the vegetable garden, I would have fewer problems.
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When they started on my roses by biting the canes so they could nibble on the little new leaves on top, I declared war!
"This is the first year for this much trouble and I have been told to try moth balls."
We've tried to nurse them along for a couple years but I think they are really done now.
"Cut the grass as short as possible, apply the mesh, use those u-shaped garden staples every few feet to hold it down, then fill in the holes with sand."
I have found that rubber snakes positioned around your lettuce keep the rabbits from nibbling your produce.
We have towering clods of mud throughout our yard and landscaping, some up to 8 inches high and 6 inches across with a central hole about 1 inch across.
This year I am going to try pouring the mixture around the garden bed to see if this keeps them out of the bed.