Cute video alert: This wiggly, happy pup gets around pretty well by scooching along on two legs, but give her wheels and watch her go.
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Cooking show host Beppe Bigazzi said cat stew is a delicacy he has enjoyed many times.
Pier 39 is alive with the sound of their barks as sea lions, gone for months, return to their favorite hangout.
The Associated Press offers video of a dog that chased a seagull and fell 300 feet from a cliff.
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Series of photos and raw video show 'fierce' lion cubs.
Looks like there is a bit of Abyssinian up Peg's family tree.
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One city took the plunge with a unanimous vote aimed at puppy mills.
I should have taught Penny to sleep on the floor when she was this size. Too hard to deny that face, though.
Fort Wayne dog loves the snow.
Over the two-day period, we neutered 605 male cats for Allen County residents at 5 cents per cat.
Puppies and kittens and touchdowns, oh my!
Angus and Matilda herd anything! Even in the snow.
The Valentine's meal is for the pooches, but it looks as if Michael Urie is having a better time.
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A number California brown pelicans have been dying in large numbers for reasons wildlife officials don't yet fully understand. A series of photos shows efforts to save them.
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Whirl gets his fix in Chicago.
Saturday, John and I welcomed a new addition to the Bundy Cat family: Peg.
Stop, sniff, urinate, sprint. Repeat six times. Collapse.
For the second time in a month, I carted Darcy to the emergency vet. Diagnosis? Kennel cough. Ugh.
She is sweet, affectionate, loves playing and spending her day with you.
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Each year as Groundhog Day approaches, I have flashbacks to Dad pouring used kitty litter and moth balls down the woodchuck holes. Then there was the day he decided to flush them out by turning on the water for hours, full blast from the well ...