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With the camera shooting, pilot Mason Dunn flew to the scene, hovered over the pond and used the wind from the helicopter’s rotor blades to push the calf across the ice toward the shore.
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"Animal Enrichment Day is an annual winter event organized by volunteers and features the opportunity to observe many animals as they receive hand-made pinatas filled with meat, toys, and other treats from their keepers."
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Video alert: The puppies are cute, but their poor mother!
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Cute video alert: Check out the wiggle action on these pachyderms in Thailand.
“I do believe that The Nutcracker has brought more foot traffic through our Adoption Center."
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OK, your restaurant has nearly 2,000 customers; some have a hankering for rodents and others like a good blood-sicle. Oh, and when they are done eating, you get to look through their poop.
Parrot singing 'Let the bodies hit the floor' is a hoot.
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There was this quiet rustling from the laundry area, next to the washer. In the sump pump pit.
Like a cat novice, I chucked a beanbag in the basement this summer so my 4-year-old and his friends could sit down there watching TV or talking about Euclidean geometry or what have you.
For the record, this is not a chicken. At least one caller to 911 told a dispatcher a chicken just crossed the yard. A BIG chicken.
This video is really funny.
If you like sharp teeth, check out the video.
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"The compassion and heroism shown by the Orland Community Volunteer Fire Department is an inspiration."
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There is nothing he likes better than to rip through freshly fallen snow.
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Ramona was just adopted in mid-August, so we had no idea how she would react to the snow ...
"Once the dogs are treated, the volunteer groups who assisted in the removal operation and paid for veterinary care will oversee their relocation to regional pet shelters that will handle pet adoptions."
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