The fenced yard and basement are non-negotiable.
Even if there is enough room, they might bring, uh, baggage.
Allen County SPCA
Gucci is playful, friendly and likes a good climb. She'll need a 6-foot privacy fence.
She barely touched the water when she shot straight up 3 feet into the air, claws out, her body flipping 360 degrees in an performance that would make a gymnast proud.
Allen County SPCA
Keke is happiest when he has people to snuggle with or a lap to sneak into.
Denali hopes the new neighbors will drop in.
What is the most expensive thing your pet has destroyed?
"The straw is being offered through private donation to be used for bedding and to keep the ground surrounding a doghouse mud free."
Associated Press
Meet One and Two. They're the ones in stripes.
Wonder Woman is looking at me and picturing a giant roast turkey in yoga pants.
Associated Press
Associated Press photos
Zoo visitors were loving their debut. The cubs' mother, not so much. She growled at the crowd and carried one of the cubs off in her mouth.
No more licking pants or dragging mom after squirrels.