Sheryl Prentice / The Journal Gazette
We watched her leave Barney hidden in the grass under the hot sun and totally ignore Betty, who was wandering around to each cow, trying to nurse.
Brian Hinton
Boaz takes a break from the heat.
Margaret Strouse
Brian Hinton
Taking a break in the tree in our front yard.
Anthony Castro
They're like the bullies who hang out in the parking lot of the high school hangout spot waiting for weenies like me to walk by.
Deb Seitz
Photographed this squirrel on my back porch at 9 a.m. this morning.
Report signs of animal neglect to Animal Care & Control immediately by calling 427-1244.
Allen County SPCA
“Thank you from the bottom of all of our paws at the Allen County SPCA and beyond."
The Allen County SPCA announced that it is in critical need of cat food.
Cathie Rowand/ The Journal Gazette
It is hard to shoot swallows when they are flying.
Cathie Rowand / The Journal Gazette
The wren parents have been run ragged. This past week their babies keep demanding for more food.
Allen County SPCA
"Coming to the Allen County SPCA in May of 2010, she has been battling a skin condition that has left her nearly hairless."
Sheryl Prentice/The Journal Gazette
This time of year, Marty spends most of his time stretched out in front of the vent, snoring.
I had never – never, ever – heard Denali yelp like that. But yelp he did. Horribly.