The national statistics in the drug-overdose epidemic are staggering. In a mid-size city like Fort Wayne, in an area surrounded by rural counties, it’s perhaps tempting to think of this as somebody else’s problem.
James Garner always made it look easy. Perhaps that is why he won so few honors for his craft.
We have a dog and cats, which are truly a blessing to have. The dog loves to run around in our large yard and play, and our cats are sweet, lovable, quiet kitties.


  • New Haven Gas tax totals should be itemized
    Why are the local, state and federal taxes we pay not printed on gas station receipts?
  • Wind turbine scam leaves Elwood scarred
    I drove through Elwood last week, where dozens and dozens of huge, immense turbines spread throughout the countryside.
  • Ruling OKs interference in health care choices
    I was angered by the Supreme Court’s decision to allow Hobby Lobby to opt out of providing some forms of birth control to female employees. While I understand the owners’ desire to uphold their religious beliefs, they should not be able to impose their beliefs onto their female employees.