Today, after 38 years, I'm hanging up whatever it is a daily sportswriter hangs up. And if there is a certain wistfulness in that, there is eagerness, too. I'm quitting daily sportswriting to write, you see.
Throwback Sunday’s in the rearview now, Jeff Gordon summoning one of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s many restless ghosts to blow by Kasey Kahne with a move straight out of 1994.
 This one belonged to the math majors again, until it didn't. Until the family man reached back and found the kid again. Until he drove hard into Turn One on the last restart, and 20 years blew away in an eye blink.

News now

  • Keselowski the pick to get win at Brickyard
    You kick everything you know to the curb here. Lesson No. 1 as the stock car boys (and girl) come to Indianapolis for the 21st time today.
  • Indy magic still alive as Gordon seeks win 5
    There is gray in the sideburns now, and here’s time going upside your head. Jeff Gordon, an elder statesman? Wonder Boy (as Dale Earnhardt used to call him with that trademark Earnhardt smirk) leaving the Wonder Years in the dust?
  •  Beasley's thoughts far from retirement
    The kids from his soccer school are waiting somewhere, in their Beasley 7 shirts. A stack of pizzas sits in lobby.