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  • Mike Moore | The Journal Gazette IPFW Chancellor Ron Elsenbaumer speaks at the unveiling of Purdue Fort Wayne's new athletics logo Monday.

  • Mike Moore | The Journal Gazette The redesign of Arnie Ball Court at Hilliard Gates Sports Center was unveiled Monday. Purdue Fort Wayne will keep the Mastodons nickname as the university transitions from IPFW.

  • Courtesy: Purdue University Fort Wayne

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 1:00 am

Mastodons unveil athletics logo

New-look floor of Gates Center also part of transition

AUBREE REICHEL | The Journal Gazette

Purdue Fort Wayne unveiled its new athletics logo and identity with a gathering at the Gates Center on Monday, as it continues its transition from IPFW, a change that will go into effect July 1.

The new logo features a nod to the athletic department's previous logo with a blue outline around the Mastodon in front of a black field with gold trim and “Purdue Fort Wayne” across the top. In addition, the university said that all of its men and women's teams will be referred to as the Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons.

Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons Chancellor Ron Elsenbaumer cited three things that were important in the development of the new logo.

“No. 1, please keep the Mastodon as the mascot. I think that's important. It's ingrained in this institution,” Elsenbaumer said in speaking with the media and members of the athletic department. “No. 2, please keep the name Fort Wayne. We're very proud of our location in Fort Wayne, and we don't want to give that up. This is our essence. We are Fort Wayne. We are the flagship public institution of Fort Wayne. ... We want to make sure that remains as part of our legacy forever.

“The third, you can see all around our campus, for many years, we've been recognized by the color blue. Maybe we could preserve a little blue in our athletics brand, as well, and build on the prior accomplishments and legacy.”

The university worked with SME, a brand-marketing agency in New York, to develop and implement the rebranding. In early January, the school selected SME Inc. as its rebranding partner, and Elsenbaumer said funding for the rebrand “was part of our institutional funds that we used that actually came from our foundation.”

“It was necessary to do as part of our transition, and so we bundled this together with our transition costs. We're not just rebranding athletics but the entire institution.

“Everything we've done so far, even painting outside, changing signs, we've spent so far about $300,000, which I think is way less than we ever expected. We have been very frugal but strategic in how we're been spending our funds. We knew we were going to have to do it, but it's been coming along very nicely and at a reasonable cost.”

The repainting of Arnie Ball Court in the Gates Center now features a gold edging with the new logo in the middle.

“Things like resurfacing the court, we do that periodically anyway,” athletic director Kelley Hartley Hutton said. “Uniforms, we buy those. Do we buy a little more this year? Sure. We've been a little conservative and recognize that stuff will be transitioned in.”

The seating and curtains in the gym, though, will remain blue with those color changes coming when those “high-ticket items” need replacing, Harley Hutton said.

“There is no reason to replace those when they still work,” she said. “When the time comes and we need to replace them, we'll put some thought into the color.”