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Sunday, November 19, 2017 1:00 am


Oklahoma ultra runner sets 100-mile world mark

Journal Gazette

Third time was the charm for ultramarathoner Camille Herron.

Herron, a 35-year-old runner from Oklahoma, set the 100-mile world record at Tunnel Hill in southern Illinois on Nov. 11.

She finished the distance in 12 hours, 42 minutes and 39 seconds, a pace that averages 7:38 per mile.

Herron's time broke the previous 100-mile record set by Gina Slaby in December (13:45:39). Prior to last year, the previous record was held by Ann Trason (13:47:41), which had stood since 1991.

The course at Tunnel Hill is known for producing fast times with its terrain, or lack thereof. The course is also certified by USA Track & Field, a rarity in the trail-running world. According to Runner's World, for the record to be ratified, Herron needed to have a U.S. Anti-Doping Agency official there for drug testing, additional timing mats on the course and official hand timers present.

Earlier this year, Herron was the first American to win the Comrades Marathon, an 89-kilometer race in South Africa, known for its 20,000-runner field and the largest ultramarathon in the world.

Herron made a 100-mile attempt at Western States Endurance Run in northern California in June, but suffered a concussion early in the race after falling because of the snow in the first 15 miles. She made it a little bit farther into the Leadville 100 in Colorado but suffered a hip injury after 40 miles.

In an interview with the blog, Herron said she'd only had two months of training heading into Tunnel Hill because of the injuries she sustained that also included a torn MCL. Aside from the usual gel and sports drinks, she took the time to chug a couple beers at mile 80, knowing she had some cushion in her record-setting run.

Hunter finally bags 39-point buck

After four years of chasing, a hunter in Missouri harvested a 39-point buck.

“After 4 years of hunting the St. Paul giant, I finally was lucky enough to bag him. 39 pointer counting ring hooks. 32 points counting inch or more. ROUGH SCORE 243!” Tim Phillips wrote on his Facebook page. He got the deer on the first day of rifle season.

The deer had been shot by a bowhunter in 2014 and by Phillips' father earlier this month.