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Sunday, December 03, 2017 1:00 am


Partners sought for community hunting

Journal Gazette

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is seeking individual partners to participate in the Community Hunting Access Program for 2018.

The initiative through the Division of Fish & Wildlife is to increase hunting opportunities in urban and suburban areas.

Managed hunts are administered by a certified CHAP coordinator trained in hunting safety, deer biology and public relations.

Communities interested in participating must submit a grant application by March 31.

Training for coordinators will take place before Feb. 1. Those interested must complete a state-sponsored hunting education certification, a DFW-approved firearms instructor training, a DFW-approved formal deer hunting training and provide name and birth date for routine DNR background check.

To sign up to be a coordinator, contact Megan Dillon at and for the CHAP and the grant application, go to

Hunting seasons starting in December

The following hunting seasons begin in December: Deer muzzleloader, Dec. 9-24; turkey archery, Dec. 9-Jan. 7; mourning doves, Dec. 9-Jan. 10; geese Dec. 16-Feb. 11 (north zone), Dec. 2-Feb. 11 (south zone); crow, Dec. 13-March 1; ducks, coots and mergansers Dec. 23-31 (north zone), Dec. 2-Jan. 21 (south zone); and special antlerless deer, Dec. 26-Jan. 7.


Christine Smith was mistakenly left out of the Nov. 26 Three Rivers Velosport article concerning the 2017 National Bike Challenge. Smith finished sixth in the state of Indiana female division with 4,947 points.