The Journal Gazette

Unwelcome diversion of public school dollars

In recent weeks, thanks to the report of the Next Level Teacher Compensation Commission, Hoosiers have learned how woefully inadequate...

January 26, 2021 1:00 am

Frank Hill Frank Hill is a Fort Wayne resident. (MichaelKleber)

Pomp of circumstance

Recently, while shopping at Target, I was asked by a lady to get an item off of a high shelf for her. I did as asked. As I handed the...

January 26, 2021 1:00 am

 Associated Press

Masks key on path back to normalcy

As our country has just observed the solemn one-year anniversary of the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States, we...

January 26, 2021 1:00 am


The right IDEA

In a nation and city that are searching for drastic improvement in inclusion, diversity, equity and access, arts and culture...

January 25, 2021 1:00 am


Constitutionally enshrined schools deserve our ongoing protection

In his letter to the editor on Jan. 14, William Dotterweich stated that The Journal Gazette has an anti-religious bias because the...

January 25, 2021 1:00 am