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Tuesday, August 28, 2018 10:36 am

Verbatim: Tim Smith Launches Campaign for Mayor of Fort Wayne

“The people of Fort Wayne deserve the best: a safer, smarter, stronger city that can become the Midwest’s magnet for jobs, people, and non-profits”

The following was released on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 from Tim Smith for Mayor committee: 

Fort Wayne, IN – Tim Smith, a long-time resident of Fort Wayne and a proven business executive, kicked off his campaign for Mayor of Fort Wayne today at International Park.
Partial remarks are below.
"Every day the people of Fort Wayne expect more out of city government – but they’re not getting it. I believe, even in these economic times, that our political leadership can deliver far more than what Fort Wayne residents currently experience.
"That is why I am running for Mayor of our great city. Expect more, each and every day, when I’m Mayor. Expect the safest, smartest, and strongest city in the Midwest.
“Expect a safer city. Expect safer streets in your neighborhoods; expect safer neighborhoods in your part of the city.
“Expect a smarter city – a smarter city government that understands why businesses relocate and move their headquarters and workers to new cities for better opportunity… that understands and respects the reasons companies redeploy capital.
“Expect a stronger city with stronger families, stronger neighborhoods, stronger businesses, stronger non-profits, and stronger schools.
“This is only the beginning–and here is where it gets exciting. As Fort Wayne re-girds itself as a safer, smarter, and stronger city, it will emerge as an irresistible magnet in the middle of the Midwest, in the middle of the nation… a magnet for jobs, people, and even stronger non-profits.”
About Tim Smith
Tim Smith is a long-time local resident of Fort Wayne who is a proven business executive – not a politician. As a local business leader at MedPro, Tim has experience overseeing teams of hundreds and budgets of tens of millions. Tim has been married 28 years to Angie. They have five adult children (four married daughters and a son in college), four grandchildren (all under eighteen months). They are members of Grace Gathering church.
In the coming months, Tim will be engaging, listening to, and learning from residents at a series of public events and informal listening opportunities all across Fort Wayne.