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  • FILE - East State Boulevard between Hobson Road and Coliseum Boulevard was down one lane each way as crews installed a new water line as part of a City Utilities engineering project in 2017.

Monday, April 15, 2019 2:52 pm

Verbatim: Fort Wayne to invest $100 million in protection, sewer, pipe projects

The Journal Gazette

Fort Wayne City Utilities issued this news release today:

Fort Wayne, Ind. -- Mayor Tom Henry joined residents of the Aboite Meadows Neighborhood Association, the Fort Wayne City Council and City Utilities staff members to announce a hefty investment of $100 million in stormwater protection, sanitary sewer improvements, and water pipe upgrades.

Aboite Meadows is an appropriate location for the announcement as a stormwater project to reduce standing water and chronic street flooding is wrapping up. This project adds 67 storm inlets and manholes, 4,100 linear feet of storm pipe and improvements to the nearby outfall in the neighborhood.

“I'm looking forward to an outstanding year of neighborhood investments through improvements to our water, sewer, and stormwater systems,” said Mayor Henry. “It's critical that we provide residents and businesses with reliable and affordable services from City Utilities. In partnership with staff from City Utilities, City Council, and our neighborhoods, we're positioned to be able to make more than $100 million in enhancements to neighborhoods throughout the City.”

2019's underground improvements will be widespread with 90 projects in 80 neighborhoods throughout the community. “Infrastructure improvements are not glamorous -- we're not opening a new store, building a new park, or creating a unique streetscape -- but the underground work we are performing is essential in protecting the environment and supporting our businesses, neighborhoods and families,” said Kumar Menon, Director of City Utilities. “We are fortunate that neighborhood leaders support our efforts and take an active interest by serving on our Utility Advisory Group. With pipe life-span of 75 to 100 years, we know we are serving generations to come.”

As promised, City Utilities is moving forward with efforts to replace 70 miles of water mains over the next five years. This year significant replacement projects include North Clinton and the neighborhoods Summerfield Community, Hamilton, Historic Southwood Park, Country Club Gardens and Crestwood Colony.

Sanitary sewer improvements will increase capacity in growing neighborhoods and businesses, and continued efforts for consolidation sewers will protect our rivers from combined sewer overflows. This year's sanitary sewer improvements include the areas around Beckett's Run, Rothman Road, W. Rudisill Boulevard, Flaugh Road, Superior Street and capacity improvements at the Water Pollution Control ponds.

The stormwater utility will continue its commitment to a five-year plan to implement the announced improvements in 30 neighborhoods, but will also address hundreds of issues throughout the community. The neighborhoods of Brookside Estates, Vesey Addition, Ranchwood Civic, Limberlost Acres, and along Hessen Cassel Road will be the reciprocates of drainage improvements.

The total improvement investment from City Utilities is $101,052,289. While some of the projects will be multi-year projects, it will be a heavy construction season throughout the City.

“We know construction is challenging for neighborhoods, but with an average of 900 calls for stormwater issues each year, and nearly 300 water main breaks each year, it is important for us to move forward with improvement projects,” said Matthew Wirtz, Deputy Director of City Utilities. “Many projects will interrupt traffic and we ask that motorists slow down and be patient in our construction zones.”

Besides Aboite Meadows, current utility work is underway in the neighborhoods of Tamarack Civic and Summerfield Community. Several projects will go to the Board of Public Works for the bidding process in the next few weeks.

City Utilities Maintains a City Underground

  • 1,412 miles of water main
  • 1,069 miles of sanitary sewer pipe
  • 694 miles of stormwater pipe
  • 359 miles of combined sewer pipe
  • 20,278 Sanitary manholes
  • 10,440 Stomrwater manholes
  • 6,877 Combination manholes
  • 20,286 Stormwater inlets
  • 1,142 Combo Inlets
  • 3,429 Fire Hydrants

Project Name Utility

  • Till Road West of Coldwater Rd - Septic Elimination Sewer
  • Pond 1 Capacity Restoration Sewer
  • St Joe River Force Main Crossing - at Eby Road Extended Sewer
  • Aeration System BNR / Efficiency Improvements Sewer
  • Condensate Trap for Gas Handling Equipment Upgrade Sewer
  • Pond 3 PLC and Interconnect Upgrades Sewer
  • St Joe Control Structure Automation Upgrades Sewer
  • WWPS Bar Rack Cleaning System Sewer
  • 2018 CIPP #2 Large Diameter Cleaning & Rehab Sewer
  • CSOCM11 - Superior Street Consolidation Sewer - Phase III (Calhoun to Barr Street) Sewer
  • CSOCM11 - 3RPORT Deep Dewatering PS Electrical Feeds from WWPS Sewer
  • Rothman Road Pump & Electrical Improvements Sewer
  • Hartman Road Lift Station Sewer
  • CSOCM11 - CSO 39 & 56 / Hanna & Brown Street Regulator Modifications Sewer
  • CSOCM11 - CSO 32 & Third Street Pump Station Consolidation Sewer Sewer
  • CSOCM 11&12-Rudisill Cons Sewer & Ext to Foster Park Relief Str Sewer
  • Becketts Relief Sewer - Forested Wetland Earthwork Sewer
  • Cell 19 - Gravity Extension from Flaugh LS north to US 30 Sewer
  • HSW & FOG Mixing & Receiving Upgrades Sewer
  • Methane Use & Emergency Power - Phase II (HSW Storage & Mixing) Sewer
  • WPCP 2019 Admin Building Roofing Sewer
  • Lawrence Drain Channel Improvements Phase 2 Storm
  • Stone Lake Stormwater Outfall Storm
  • River Intrusion (Flapgates) Storm
  • Brookside Parkerdale Drainage Improvements - Phase 1 Storm
  • Covington Road-5300 Block Drainage Improvements Storm
  • Louisedale Water & Stormwater Improvements Storm
  • St Croix Drive Storm
  • N Washington Road Drainage Improvements Storm
  • Stanford Avenue Storm Sewer Improvements Storm
  • Schoppman Drain Improvements (Tamarack Addition) Storm
  • Pemberton/Tilden Stormwater Improvements - Phase I Storm
  • Limberlost Acres Drainage Improvements Storm
  • Hessen Cassel Rd (Oxford to S of Paulding) Stormwater Improvements Storm
  • Vesey-Gruber-Quimby Village Drainage Improvements - Phase 1 Storm
  • Blackfoot Ct & Kebir Ct Stomwater Improvements Storm
  • Plymouth Road Drainage Improvements Storm
  • Pierson Drain Improvements Storm
  • Shorewood Stormwater Improvements - Phase II Storm
  • Hessen Cassel (Brentley Way to Stardale Dr) Stormwater Improvements Storm
  • Franke Park Stormwater Improvements Storm
  • Fairfield Ditch Improvements Phase I Storm
  • Camp Scott Access Hatches Replacement Storm
  • Haffner Drive - Phase 2 Storm
  • Maple Grove Phase 1 Storm
  • Knightswood Road Storm Sewer Rehab Storm
  • N. Maumee Interceptor Exposed Pipe Storm
  • Snowfall Road Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Storm
  • Thieme & Berry Flood Control (CU funding portion only) Storm
  • Bridgedale Drainage Improvements Storm
  • Woodhill Drive Stormwater Improvements Storm
  • Hazelette and Investment Smart Ditch Replacements Storm
  • Huffman Storm Sewer Extensions - Phase I Storm
  • Barr Street Storm Sewer Flood Gate Storm
  • Northway / Southway (Martin #2 CR Drain) Storm
  • Plant 3 Weir Improvements Water
  • St Joe Dam Raw Water Main Inspection Water
  • Painting of Westside Tank Water
  • Sodium Chlorite Storage Tank Replacement Water
  • Substation #2 Switchgear Replacement Water
  • Lime Sludge Line - Parallel from FLP to Edgewater Water
  • St Joe Dam Pump 2 Improvements Water
  • North Control Room PLC / Network Rehab Water
  • Maplecrest: Lake to Maumee River Water Main Extension Water
  • TRFP Batch Lime Slaking System Water
  • Northwest Pump Station #1 Electrical Improvements Water
  • NWPZ Clinton: Wallen to Diebold Water
  • Wilkie, Getz to Jefferson WMR Water
  • Steup Cherokee Area WMR Water
  • Thieme and Berry Area WMR Water
  • SEFM New Haven: Coliseum to Medford Feeder Main Water
  • Hurshtown Reservoir Slope Repair Water
  • VFD for High Service Pump 14 Water
  • Orthophosphate Study and Feed Water
  • Filter Underdrain Replacement (AWI) Water
  • Aqua Well Abandonment PH 3 Water
  • Transmission Main Condition & Rehab - 2018 Water
  • Lochner Road Water Main Extension Water
  • Country Club Gardens Water Main Extension - Ph 1 Water
  • Flutter Road-River Hollow to Wheelock Water Main Extension Water
  • Corbin & Hathaway - South to Union Chapel Water
  • Maplecrest Feeder Main - Maumee River Crossing Water
  • Edgewood & Clinton Area WMR Water
  • Schele & Raymond Area WMR Water
  • Ardmore & Limestone Water Main Replacement Water
  • Arlington and Sherwood Area WMR Water
  • Forest Hill and Norwood Heights WMR Water
  • Residential Water Meter & Radio (AMI) Replacement (Water share) Water
  • North Service Water Loop Replacement (Plant 1 to Plant 3) Water
  • Crestwood Colony Water Main Replacement Phase 2 Water
  • Scottswood and Bluffton Area WMR Water