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Saturday, June 23, 2018 7:30 pm

One-on-One: A discussion of IU athletics with AD Fred Glass

DYLAN SINN | The Journal Gazette

Near the end of May, I traveled to Bloomington to speak with Indiana athletic director Fred Glass, who has been on the job since 2009. We talked about a wide array of topics, including issues relating specifically to the Hoosiers and others that affect college sports as a whole. 

Below are some of my questions for Glass, along with his answers. On Sunday, we'll be publishing in the print edition of the Journal Gazette and online more of the discussion I had with him.

Question: You said in a speech at Huber's Winery on May 30 that you'd like to get the Indiana-Kentucky basketball rivalry going again. How close are you to accomplishing that goal?

Glass: I'd say there's been some conversations (athletic) department to (athletic) department and then Archie (Miller) has a fantastic relationship with (Kentucky coach) John Calipari. So if that gets done, it'll actually be because Archie got it done with Coach Calipari. I think that's a rivalry that just needs to be there. Not just for Indiana and Kentucky, but for college basketball generally. So I'm prepared to be flexible to try to get that back on the schedule and I'm optimistic that before too long that we'll be able to do that.

Q: After reaching the national title game in 2017, is the men's soccer team back to being a national power?

Glass: I think we've continued to be a national power. We won the national championship in 2013, we were in the championship game this year. I think the future's bright in men's soccer and I hope we continue to be in College Cups and national championship games and hopefully win the next one. One of the things I did say (last year when he spoke to the Journal Gazette) was I didn't think our soccer facility was as competitive as a national power's should be. It was actually completed in 1981 when I was a senior (at IU) and it really hasn't done much in the last 40 years or whatever that is. It's showing its age as badly as I am and needed to be improved. We're probably not in the top 15 or 20 soccer facilities in the country and that's ridiculous for a program that I believe can lay claim to being the best soccer program in the country. So my expectation is we'll soon be able to announce some major renovations to Armstrong Stadium and Yeagley Field that will catapult us back to the forefront of collegiate soccer venues.

Q: The Rice Commission recently released its report on recommendations to "clean up" college basketball. What did you think of the report and what are some of the reforms they suggested that you believe should be implemented?

Glass: I think the Rice Commission had a very, very tough job and I think they did a very, very good job. There's a lot of criticism from the peanut gallery, on what they should have done, but I think they did a good job. I would endorse all of their recommendations. I think there's a devil in some details that will need to be worked out, but I think they should be worked out and managed and not just throw up our hands and say, "we can't do this" or "we can't do that." I think they acknowledged appropriately that the next wave is the "Name, Image, Likeness" and I think they would like to make some progress on that. I would like to see some progress on that, letting students be compensated for the use of their personal name, image and likeness. I think that would be important. I've talked to the president (Michael McRobbie) about it and I think Indiana will be supportive of all those and hopefully be able to be a useful participant in helping to work out the details. 

For more of my discussion with Glass, go to on Sunday.