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Thursday, December 31, 2015 5:46 pm

Physical therapy hurts so good

Aubree Reichel | The Journal Gazette

"We're going to have fun next week."

Normally if someone tells me this, if spoken genuinely, I'm going to look forward to a good thing. 

This time, though, it was spoken by my physical therapist who's helping me get back into running so I'm a little scared, but know it'll be good for me.

I've gone to him twice now and its been determined that I have various muscle imbalances in my hips. I have strength in both my legs, but as soon as one's off the ground and I try a one-legged squat, my balance goes haywire as I try to shift my weight on to that leg. 

Basically, that's not good. Having that kind of control is important when it comes to running because the motion (whether good or bad) is repeated. Any detrimental motion will just continue to get worse.

I had a run analysis on Thursday during my session and the preliminary results show that my hips sink to absorb impact when I land. It's on my right more than my left, which explains why I had issues with that side first and it shifted to my left side when I compensated for the pain on my right. 

My exercises are pretty simple, but it requires a lot of concentration to ensure they're done properly. With the kind of imbalances that I have, my knees like to turn to the inside. A lot of the exercises strengthen, but they also aim to reteach the muscles that support my knee (quads, hips, glutes) to keep the knee over the ankle even when fatigued.

I've had similar issues before, but it was with my IT band (tendon that runs down the outside of the leg between the hip and the knee), which supposedly isn't the case like I thought it was.

It's been a while since I've been sore in a good way. My muscles are sore as opposed to my joints. 

I'm allowed to run every few days to see if I have any improvement, but am supposed to stop if it starts hurting.

"We're going to have fun next week."

These words will stay with me until next week when I get to learn the full extent of the "fun." I know I'll get full results back from my run analysis and get exercises to alter my gait for the better and, if I show improvement in my other exercises, I'll advance to other, more difficult things. 

This "fun" will be good for me. 

There are less than 15 weeks until Boston and I'm really trying not to panic...

Happy New Year everyone!


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