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Saturday, August 31, 2019 10:10 pm

Mostly lefties in sight for Komets

JUSTIN A. COHN | The Journal Gazette

The Komets have signed 23 players for the upcoming season, including two goaltenders, eight defensemen and 13 forwards.

While the defensive corps are the big question mark so far – well, goaltending, too, though I assume one or two NHL- or American Hockey League-contracted netminders are on the way – the forward group looks very promising to me.

Shawn Szydlowski, Brady Shaw, Jake Kamrass and Anthony Petruzzelli make for a good returning nucleus. While I certainly understand the arguments against it – namely, injuries – I like the pickup of A.J. Jenks.

There are a lot of well regarded young players coming in from colleges or juniors and, remember, the Komets have only two veteran signed so far (Szydlowski and Jenks), giving them room for two more if they want them.

But, as one astute reader has emailed me about more than once, there is something about this roster that really stands out: The abundance of left-shooting players.

That was something former coach Gary Graham remarked about often, the need to get more balance in the shots, so it’s a little surprising that Ben Boudreau’s roster so far is so left heavy. I mean, all teams these days are left heavy, but the Komets have only four right-handed shots: forwards Szydlowski and Isaiah Crawford, and defensemen Chase Stewart and Jason Binkley.

And Crawford, who played last season for Trine’s club team, isn’t expected to make the roster.

The handedness of shots is always more of a concern on the defensive corps, especially because it affects the power play, so this is something that needs to be watched.

It could be the Komets are awaiting at least one righty blue-liner from the Vegas Golden Knights, too.

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