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Friday, October 16, 2020 4:30 pm

K's fans, some things to consider

JUSTIN A. COHN | The Journal Gazette

There are some things to consider as you impatiently wait to learn whether the Komets will indeed play this season, with the team currently targeting a Jan. 15 start for a 62-game regular season. 

As I've previously reported, the Komets feel they need to get to about 4,500 minimum capacity to make it financially worthwhile for them to play. When I say that, that's about what it would take for them just to break even this season, and even at that number they still may lose money. Again, the Komets' owners don't have the type of money behind them as some other teams, such as the Indy Fuel and the Kalamazoo Wings.

But consider a few things:

  • The Komets don't get any portion of parking or concessions from Memorial Coliseum, so their ability to make money is almost solely from ticket sales and advertising. 
  • That approximate number of 4,500 includes people in the suites, and the Komets also don't get any portion of those ticket sales.
  • The Komets and Coliseum would likely have to come up with some sort of pod system to spread fans throughout the building. Now stop and think about that for a second. If you're accustomed to sitting near the ice, are you going to be OK sitting in the 600 level depending on however they divvy up the seating? To say a certain number of fans will be let in is one thing, but making those fans happy is quite another.
  • While people are very focused, deservedly so, about the effect lost games have had, and will have, on players and their families, please do not forget the people who are affected as much if not more -- namely, the people who work in the front offices of teams. The Komets have people in the front office who have been there for decades, and have been furloughed and experienced great hardships. Coliseum workers, too. Being blunt, they're generally older with less ability to just go find another job or wait for next season and a new team to join.

Indiana hasn't been doing well when it comes to COVID-19 lately -- wear your masks! -- and health officials today announced that 2,328 additional Hoosiers have been diagnosed with the virus. Ohio and Illinois have put travel restrictions on people coming in from Indiana, which caused Trine's football game for Saturday with Bluffton (Ohio) to be canceled.

So that has me wondering how Indy, which was supposed to begin play in December, is going to pull that off if things don't improve. If other states start saying travel to and from Indiana is on hold, that'll be a big problem. 

Just some things to consider.

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