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Sunday, January 06, 2019 1:00 am

Area leaders share their goals, secrets

LISA GREEN | The Journal Gazette

Changing frequency

Lead On, which started as a weekly blog/column in September 2015, will be published every other week starting this year. There may occasionally be additional blog posts online at

“In the Lead” came before “Lead On.”

Between 2011 and 2013, we ran a monthly profile on people at various levels of leadership – not just on the job, but in the community. “In the Lead” allowed us to share the individuals' views about what makes a leader, how they overcame specific challenges, time management tips, ways to overcome self-doubt, and much more.

The concept behind In the Lead was similar, just a different format, to what I've tried to provide the last few years with Lead On.

As 2018 was coming to a close, I thought it would be interesting to catch up with some of those I profiled in “In the Lead” and ask them to share a couple of thoughts as we head into a new year. Below are the responses.

Thomas Kimbrough

Age: 64

In the Lead: Featured May 21, 2012

Title and employer then: Partner, BarrettMcNagny LLP

Title and employer now: The same

Biggest leadership lesson in the past five years: True Leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with never care about who gets credit for great results. Rather, the leader creates a culture where everyone takes pride in reaching and achieving goals of the organization as a whole. These individuals have a very special talent.

2019 leadership goal: To allocate more quality time on projects and boards that serve our community. 

Tamesha M. Fikes

Age: 37

In the Lead: Featured Jan. 17, 2011

Title and employer then: Quality control analyst – Lincoln Financial Group

Title and employer now: Relationship banker – Flagstar Bank

Biggest leadership lesson in the past five years: Leadership doesn't come with a particular title, leadership is about vision and having the capacity to launch vision into reality. People confuse management with leadership all the time.

2019 leadership goal: Looking for the next step in my career to utilize my leadership skills to form a team and guide them to be more diverse and inclusive by leveraging their talent and skills to help them reach their greatest potential.

David Nugent

Age: 56

In the Lead: Featured on Feb. 11, 2011

Title and employer then: Partner/BND Commercial

Title and employer now: same

Biggest leadership lesson in the past five years: There's a difference between leading and getting in the way. We have quality people who know their jobs. My task is to offer suggestions (preferably only when asked). Letting people grow, learn, and make mistakes is part of the process. My corrections need to be minimal and respectful.

2019 leadership goal: Continue to be available for people. To put myself in a position everyday where I can to help others do what they need to do.

Nabila Sattar Safdar 

Age: 35

In the Lead: Featured on Oct. 15, 2012

Title and Employer in 2012: IT project manager at Do it Best Corp.

Title and Employer now: Multiple concurrent roles, including IT project manager at Do it Best and lecturer at Purdue University Fort Wayne

Biggest leadership lesson in the last five years: Never give in. Leadership is the choice to grow through challenges and failures. It empowers innovation and resilience, which serves as a great investment in self and others.

2019 Leadership goal: Establish a Center of Excellence focused on the people-first mindset through collaboration and agility. (The center would likely be in Fort Wayne, but the format and other details are still being determined.)

Ronald (Ron) Turpin

Age: 47

In the Lead: Featured June 18, 2012

Title and employer then: VP and Head of Financial Operations – Lincoln Financial

Title and employer now: Integrator and CFO – Gibson Insurance

Biggest leadership lesson in the past five years: The importance of perseverance – I am not the most patient person and I have had to learn that real change takes time; however if you stick with it, incremental change will happen and great things can be accomplished.

2019 leadership goal: Be more of a servant leader; in serving others, we can become more Christlike. I want to do all I can to give back to this community and exemplify Christ in all I do.

Dave Kuhn

Age: 57

In the Lead: Featured Aug. 15, 2011

Title and employer then: Physical therapist and one of the owners of Indiana Physical Therapy Inc. 

Title and employer now: Same

Biggest leadership lesson in the past five years: I don't know if I have one biggest leadership lesson, but do know that the more I communicate with our employees the better my relationship is and the more they understand the goals of the company. With that communication, I have learned that the more input the staff has on how the company runs, the more satisfied they are with their position in the company.

2019 leadership goal: To recruit more highly qualified therapists into the company to allow for expansion and growth of existing clinics.

Rosalind Walker-Lewis 

Age: 58

In the Lead: Feb. 20, 2012

Title and employer then: Manager, Operations Test Exelis Inc.

Title and employer now: Principal, Operational Excellence / Harris Business Excellence – Deployment Champion, Harris Corp.

Biggest leadership lesson in the past five years: We live in a constantly changing environment, which can be a struggle for some. When shared, my personal leadership, training and willingness to embrace change can help others work through the change journey. This positively impacts individuals, groups and the overall organization.

2019 leadership goal: I will continue to seek opportunities for personal growth to add value. Additionally, I will look to continue to contribute to Process Improvements and Change Management within Harris. Within the Fort Wayne community, I will seek opportunities to apply my gifts to make a positive impact.

Angie Dane

Age: 42

In the Lead: Featured on Oct. 17, 2011

Title and employer then: Regional human resources manager, STAR Financial Bank

Title and employer now: Vice president, human resources director, STAR Financial Bank

Biggest leadership lesson in the past five years: The biggest leadership lesson that I have learned in the past five years is that the team is what matters the most. It is imperative to surround yourself with great people. People who are motivated, who are motivators, who will hold you and others accountable, who will empower you and others.

2019 leadership goal: My 2019 leadership goal is to continue to work on enhancing the work environment through my interactions with others. This includes maintaining/creating positive interactions with others (verbal and nonverbal). We want to work with people who fill our “tank” versus drain our “tank.” It is crucial to remember that as a leader, you set the tone for others. Not just each day, but each hour. Every interaction counts.

To share a thought, a favorite quote or other wisdom about leadership, email Lisa Green at Lead On also appears online as a blog at