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Tuesday, March 20, 2018 2:30 pm

IPFW unveils prize for political science students

DAVE GONG | The Journal Gazette

IPFW and Mark D. Ulmschneider have developed a new prize that will be awarded starting this spring to students in the university's political science department. 

The Ulmschneider Prize consists of $60,000, which will be paid out over three years to multiple students at a time. The prize's intention is to reward achievement and performance and facilitate upward mobility for political science students. The specific award criteria is still being established.

"The Ulmschneider Prize is truly a unique and generous gift that Mark Ulmschneider envisioned to encourage and recognize outstanding students in Political Science," Angie Fincannon, vice chancellor for advancement, said in a statement Monday. "The generosity behind this gift will really enhance the department's ability to support student success in a highly successful department that is preparing students to enter law schools throughout the country. I hope that Mark's vision will set a standard with which other attorneys in Fort Wayne will replicate." 

Ulmschneider, who is a Fort Wayne attorney, said he wanted to recognize students for outstanding scholarship.

"I have hired many interns and newly minted lawyers over the years, "Ulmschneider said in a statement. "I appreciate the creativeness and work ethic of IPFW students, especially the students from the political science department."