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Monday, April 04, 2016 6:47 am

Women trolling Pence, Cox over abortion bill

Niki Kelly | The Journal Gazette
A Facebook phenomenon called Periods for Pence is stepping up its game today - now focusing on the author of the controversial abortion bill at the heart of the debate, Fort Wayne Rep. Casey Cox.

This morning the anonymous author of the page posted the start of Phase 2.

"We are asking you to step up you game with not one, but TWO calls today. Of course Governor Pence wants to know how your cycle is going, but what about the bill's author, Mr. Casey Cox? That's right-- you asked, you got it! He seems to care even more, and we don't want him out of the loop, do we? He must really, REALLY care to take the time to write this. So go for it!"

The post lists Cox's legislature phone number and email.

"Tell him your hoo-ha says "Hey!"

Last week women from around Indiana - and other states - began calling Pence's office to discuss the status of their menstrual cycle, all in protest of House Bill 1337 that the General Assembly passed and Pence signed into law.

It requires all miscarried or aborted fetal remains to be buried or cremated; and bans women from having an abortion during the legally-allowed timeframe if the reason is because the baby will be born with a serious disability such as Down Syndrome.

Fifty-five of the 60 final votes on the bill came from male legislators.

The effort has gotten national media attention and women are posting their experiences online such as this:

"(After being transferred directly to Katie's voicemail) Me: "Hello, this is Sue Magina again. I just hit a pothole on I-70. It was a doozy! I'm worried it might have shaken something around up in there, and I wanted to make sure that was addressed in this new abortion law. I knew Governor Pence would be worried. Thanks."

The author over the weekend though put a stop to a more unsanitary protest - the sending of used feminine products to Pence.

"I just wanted to put a quick note on here about the idea of sending's say, "evidentiary proof." This page in no way encourages people to do that. I see your point and where you are coming from and I admire your enthusiasm. However, I am not sure of the legality of doing so. Keep calling, though! That's legal and LOTS of fun! We are bringing a lot of attention to this issue, and this is exactly what we want. You guys are incredible, and thanks again!

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