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Sunday, November 10, 2019 1:00 am


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Following are recent filings for bankruptcy protection in northeast Indiana. The list includes all business bankruptcies, as well as personal bankruptcies in which liabilities exceed $100,000. Except where noted, the filings fall under Chapter 7, which usually leads to a liquidation of assets.

Craig A. and Mary Y. Fosnaugh, Avilla. Chapter 13. Debt: $137,039.81. Assets: $133,300.

Eric Owen Case, Berne. Debt: $269,691.50. Assets: $5,739.26.

Derek Allen and Daiana Wheeler, 1913 Sherman Blvd., Fort Wayne. Debt: $200,282. Assets: $65,603.

James L. and Martha E. McDonald, Waterloo. Debt: $171,659.08. Assets: $173,025.

Gregory Felton and Joyce Arlene Smith, Bluffton. Debt: $125,611. Assets: $137,250.

Tina Ann Loucks, 5633 Bluebird Court, Fort Wayne. Debt: $152,378. Assets: $40,850.

Steven Andrew and Katherine Marie Elias, 6027 Highgate Place, Fort Wayne. Debt: $288,603. Assets: $235,575.

Sandra D. Lahrman, 5608 Squiredale Lane, Fort Wayne. Chapter 13. Debt: $249,838.33. Assets: $45,100.

Neil Eddie and Joan Christine Fry, 7519 Valley Meadows Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $120,205. Assets: $113,240.

Natalie Marie Foudray, Decatur. Debt: $269,366. Assets: $244,900.

Jeffrey L. Lomont, 5700 Wilkie Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $231,417.96. Assets: $1,200.

Gloria L. Lowen, Columbia City. Debt: $151,974.23. Assets: $162,505.67.

Joshua L. Richards, 10622 Main St., Leo. Debt: $281,831.42. Assets: $240.800.

Maria A. Platt, Churubusco. Debt: $214,242.79. Assets: $13,300.

Shane and Melissa Styhl,13423 Tile Mill Court, Grabill. Chapter 13. Debt: $162,637.34. Assets: $151,300.

Mia E. Kelsaw, 124 E. Suttenfield St., Fort Wayne. Debt: $100,001 to $500,000. Assets: $50,001 to $100,000.

James Richard and Christy Rene Ellis, Columbia City. Chapter 13. Debt: $226,599.39. Assets: $211,100.

Sydney Alexandra and William Blake Zent, Bluffton. Debt: $144,125.18. Assets: $101,002.20.

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