We've all heard the warnings about ordering online this year.

If you're going to do it, they say, do it early. The supply chain is a mess, they say. Ships are sitting in the harbor for weeks, waiting to be unloaded, the warnings cry.

I'm not casting doubt on any of that. But I had gotten the impression that if I didn't place an online order before Halloween, the chances of receiving the delivery in time for Christmas was somewhere between zip and zero.

On the day after Thanksgiving, though, I placed two online orders.

One package was delivered on Tuesday, just four days after I ordered it. The other is on track to be delivered Thursday, six days after I clicked the buy button.

Both were shipped from within the U.S. And, I'll admit, the first packaged delivered was from Vera Bradley, which ships from its Fort Wayne distribution center.

Even so, I am pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it was. There's hope for those of us who didn't get all our gifts bought in October.