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Friday, November 12, 2021 1:00 am

Weekender Spotlight: Ty Causey releases album 'U-Turn'

COREY MCMAKEN | The Journal Gazette

Local music artist Ty Causey releases a new album, “U-Turn,” today.

Included on the 12-track album from Tyvonn Records is the song “Contagious,” featuring UK producer Nigel Lowis on guitar.

“U-Turn” will be available at Wooden Nickel locations. There is a release party planned for 8 p.m. Nov. 27 at Welch's Pub, 1915 S. Calhoun St.

To listen to some of Causey's music, including “Contagious,” go to

Causey answered these questions by email. Responses have been edited.

Q. Your new album, “U-Turn,” is out today. What can you tell us about what people will hear on the album?

A. People will hear various sides of me and my music. They will hear the smooth melodic soul/jazz flow that I'm most known for in my original past recordings – very colorful production with a smooth vocal delivery. They will also hear the fun and funkier side of me with a few funky dance tunes that bring a positive energy to the project.

The album wouldn't be complete without the smooth mid-tempo grooves and ballads that include rich lyrical substance which is very important to me as I write and record my original music.

Q. Why are you excited for people to hear “U-Turn”?

A. I'm excited for people to hear “U-Turn” because it's the kind of album music lovers worldwide want to hear because they relate to this style of music so easily.

It's fun, serious and mysterious at the same time because it makes people ask, “Where does he come up with this stuff?” after recording 20 original albums. Many recording artists concentrate on putting out singles. I have to stay true to the music and put out full albums. I personally feel that is still the true trademark of a real recording artist.

Q. When you start work on an album, what comes first – the songs, the name, a theme or something entirely different? What comes last?

A. I don't have a set way of creating an album because many times it's a spontaneous experience. Just having a simple conversation with someone can trigger song lyrics in my mind. Listening to other performing artists sometimes triggers a beat in my head that I want to take somewhere else and make it my own. Seems like I'm always writing a song no matter what I'm doing. I try to pump my brakes but it seems like I drive with two gas pedals when it comes to creating music!

Q. Your recent performance video, including a version of Sam Cooke's “A Change Is Gonna Come,” features participation by the Fort Wayne Police Department. Why was that important to you?

A. With so many global negative opinions regarding our law enforcement, I wanted to remind people that there are two sides to every story.

One side sounds like the truth until you hear the other side. Many people say that we should defund law enforcement. If we do that, who will you call if you are being personally attacked or if your child has been kidnapped?

I just wanted to shine some positive light on our law enforcement and bring awareness to our community. All police officers are not bad. The majority of police officers risk their lives daily with integrity. If they didn't, law enforcement would never work.

Q. Singing and performance are obviously among your talents. But for a fun last question, what's the most useless talent or skill you have?

A. I feel that I have been blessed with many talents but I am definitely still a work in progress. I wouldn't say that I have any talent or skills that are totally useless because even my weakest skills can be useful with hard work and development. But I would have to say the most useless skill that I possess would have to be drawing. I wish I had the creative skills to draw but the closest I come to that is drawing stick men. If I work on perfecting my stick men skills, I will have no weaknesses. ... lol!

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