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Tuesday, October 23, 2018 1:00 am

City YouTuber excels

100,000 watching online as she shares her life on channel

TERRI RICHARDSON | The Journal Gazette

Kristyn Alexis spends a lot of time in front of a camera talking about her life, relationships, food, fashion and career. It's all the things she would share with a girlfriend – only she is baring it all with thousands of them.

The YouTube sensation has her own channel and has already topped 100,000 subscribers in just two years.

The Fort Wayne resident started the channel after her divorce and there's little that she leaves untouched in her videos.

Kristyn Alexis, who asked that her last name not be used for security reasons, chooses topics that women would be interested in, “... things they talk to their girlfriends about,” she says.

Her “Getting Ready With Me” chats offer viewers a raw look at Kristyn, who appears sans makeup and shares her feelings on different topics while she gets ready for the day.

A recent GRWM chat has Kristyn sharing her frustrations about paying child support.

Married at age 18, and divorced at 30, Kristyn has 7-year-old twin boys and a 19-year-old son.

The single mom, who is also engaged, often talks about her relationship with her ex and why they got a divorce. Her children now spend half of their time with him and the other half with her.

But she knows these types of situations are ones many of her followers deal with in their own lives.

She uses YouTube as an “outlet to make a community.” “It's pretty much what I do, I spend time with my community,” she says.

Kristyn says she receives emails from people who watch her channel and are inspired. “(They) see me on my channel and see what I go through. Frustrated or accomplished,” she says. “I think that people see me and they think if she can do it, I can do it, too.”

Kristyn wants to help her followers overcome hurdles, citing her ability to overcome hardships such as having her son young, and provide an avenue with someone they can relate to.

The 36-year-old grew up in a single-parent home with her brother, who were both raised by their mother. She went to Michigan State and finished her degree in three years, even though she had a young son at the time. A lot of times her son went with her to class, she says.

After that, she got into radio sales, followed by a job in pharmaceutical sales. She then went back to school to get her MBA and landed a job in Warsaw at a medical device company.

“Like most people, you go through your life and there are hills and valleys,” she says. “Doing YouTube just really gives me that avenue, to find my purpose to help other people get where they want to be. It makes me fulfilled. I stay so busy with it.”

When she does have spare time, Kristyn says she has been experimenting with recipes or doing random things around the house or outside. She says YouTube is basically another job, between the recording and editing. “I don't do much else,” she says laughing. When her kids are with her, she spends time with them, and when they're not, she focuses on her channel.

And what makes it worth the effort are the success stories she receives, such as a person saying they have applied to go back to school. “That's what makes me happy,” Kristyn says.

As for what's next, Kristyn says, “I'm not sure.” The YouTube channel started as a hobby with a goal of reaching the 100,000 subscriber mark. Now that's been reached, she's going to keep moving forward.

Kristyn also sees success from her channel in other ways, including receiving money from YouTube because of her number of followers. In addition, she also receives items from various companies who would like her to review their products, although she doesn't accept them all.

The biggest thing she wants people to know is that YouTube is not a place where there's a barrier to get in. “(There's) opportunity for young and old people, different shapes and colors. If you like something, there are going to be thousands of people that like it, too.”

And as for the haters? “(I) hide them on the channel,” Kristyn says. “I try to keep my mental space positive. You get one life, and life is short.” 

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