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Monday, November 29, 2021 1:00 am

Weekly Chess Puzzle

Each week the Fort Wayne Chess club will offer tips for learning or improving your chess game. The puzzles you see are to teach simple checkmating patterns or 1-3 move tactics to strengthen your foresight and decision making; usually with only one best solution. Note: It is recommended that puzzles be solved on an actual chess board to help visualize the game.

Chess notation: K=king, Q=queen, N=Knight, B=bishop, R=rook. A notation such as “e5” indicates a pawn move where there is only 1 pawn that can move to e5.

If a knight were to take the pawn on e5 notation would state Nxe5 (the leading letter N is interchangeable with any piece being used, i.e. Bxe5). If a pawn on the “D file” were to take an opposing pawn on the “E file,” notation would be as follows, d4xe5.

Hint: Queens are more valuable than rooks!


Black to move; level: Medium


Contributor: Brendan Cooper


Answer: Rd5+!; A potential temporary sacrifice for long term gain! If e4xRd5 then black plays Qc3+, it forces white to play Ke4. This is met with black playing Qe1+, winning white's queen! Note. however, that white does not have to play e4xRd5. If this happens, black simply plays RxNd6, winning. We urge you to play this position out on your board to understand this important endgame technique.


Chess puzzles are provided by Fort Wayne Chess Club. For questions about the puzzle or to submit a puzzle, email In addition, the chess club offers casual and competitive play from 2 to 6 p.m. each Saturday at Start Fort Wayne, 111 W. Berry St.

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