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Wednesday, December 02, 2015 4:30 pm

IPFW guide shows way to healthy eats

Rosa Salter Rodriguez The Journal Gazette

There’s one document graduating IPFW students might want to grab besides their diploma – especially if they don’t want to go ’round hungry once they doff their caps and gowns.

“College Cooking 101” is the name of a 64-page booklet distributed by the university’s Center for Healthy Living/Campus Cooking and Wellness Programs.

Unlike many institutions of higher learning, IPFW doesn’t have a cafeteria or meal plan for students, although on-campus, apartment-style housing does have kitchens and there are fast-food outlets in the Walb student center.

Judy Tillapaugh, a registered dietitian and IPFW’s wellness and fitness coordinator, says that was a main reason the booklet, and other food and nutrition-based programming was developed.

“We wanted to help our students with healthy meals and snacks,” she says. “We wanted to make it more than just recipes. We wanted it to be something that helps students with healthy eating choices and how to shop for healthy foods and set up kitchens.”

The Cooking 101 booklet was given out during monthly sessions of a 2013-14 program called “Young, Broke, and Hungry” that took place on Sunday nights and offered talks, training in cooking skills, budgeting tips, easy recipes and free dinners to attendees.

The booklet was also incorporated into “Nutrition 101” sessions offered by peer educators to interested student groups during the past academic year. 

Included in the booklet are sections on full menu ideas, cooking vocabulary, saving money by making fast-food favorites at home, couponing options and even how to get food assistance locally. And there are scores of simple-to-moderately difficult recipes, from how to make breakfasts on the run and tomatillo salsa to romantic dinners for two and gourmet rice salad with smoked turkey.

Tillapaugh says some variation of the cooking initiative, which has proved popular with students, will take place again next fall and spring.

In the meantime – read, before Commencement Day on Wednesday – students and/or their family members might want to snag a copy of Cooking 101, which is free, at the Center for Healthy Living in Room 234 of the Walb Union on campus.

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